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Rick Telander has been the lead sports columnist at the Sun-Times since April, 1995. He previously was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and ESPN, …

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Derrick Rose no longer at his sneak peak with Adidas

RICK TELANDER: Remember Derrick Rose? Adidas barely does. The giant shoe company that signed the onetime Bulls superstar to a 13-year, $185 million endorsement deal back in 2012 seems to have moved on.

Weeding through Larry Sanders’ mess

Let’s think about what Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders said recently regarding the marijuana use that got him suspended for five games. ‘‘It’s a banned substance in my league, but I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it,’’ he told the Milwaukee Journal …

Overstuffed NCAA reluctant to let others feed from its cash trough

RICK TELANDER: Wisconsin’s Zach Bohannon has an interesting story from the recent NCAA tourney. Before the Badgers’ Sweet 16 game against Baylor, Bohannon tried to walk onto the gym floor for his team’s closed shootaround while carrying a bottle of Nestle’s Pure Life water. He was stopped by a security guard.

TELANDER: Even baby steps from Cubs would be nice

Coming back to Wrigley Field after a half-year away is always special. How dormant are the vines? (Pretty dormant.) How much does the beer cost? (Eight dollars.) How low is the wind chill? (Twenty-eight degrees.) What is the new motto? (‘‘It’s the Party of the …

Duke, coach Mike Krzyzewski find reputation isn’t enough against Mercer

Mike Krzyzewski is a gentleman, and you have to like that. But wouldn’t you think the legendary, $7 million-a-year Coach K could take his famed Duke team from the mighty Atlantic Coast Conference, his global hoops reputation, his six former McDonald’s high school All-Americans, including …

Henry Melton’s inebriation must have rated high if bar antics are true

Let’s talk about drunk here. Not drunkenness, which is the noun describing the state of being intoxicated by alcohol. That’s too proper. Not drunkard, which is a person who is eight sheets to the wind. No, let’s think of drunk, sort of classically, in the …

Reflecting on USC if Taj Gibson and DeMar DeRozan stayed in school

Sometimes it’s interesting to look back at a relatively normal situation from the past through the lens of today. I covered the NCAA  men’s basketball regionals in 2009 in Minneapolis, and one of the teams I watched was USC. The Trojans would beat Boston College …

TELANDER: We know who failed at Curie

Let’s not blame any of the Curie players who are now part of one of the most embarrassing moments in CPS boys basketball history.

In Big Ten commish Jim Delany’s world, it’s not about the kids

RICK TELANDER: ‘Chaos,’’ Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said. That was his short answer to what he thought would occur if big-time college football were unionized.

TELANDER: There’s no end to NCAA’s hypocrisy

Think TV networks don’t drive college football? Then you probably think it’s an accident ESPN is kicking off its 2014 season by televising Sam Houston State at Eastern Washington on Aug. 23, the earliest opener in 11 years. That’s great for couch potatoes, but it’s …

On bullies in NFL and butts in SI swimsuit issue

TELANDER: Who hasn’t been bullied? It’s not a good feeling. In fact, it’s a horrible feeling.

Can you really blame Marcus Smart?

RICK TELANDER: Who are these people who believe that simply buying a ticket to a sporting event absolves them of common decency, empathy, civility?

Bricks kill Northwestern’s growing buzz

TELANDER: Say this for Northwestern’s basketball players: They’re dependable. When you think the Wildcats are on a roll, they’ll unroll. When you know they’re going to win, they’ll lose.

TELANDER: Super Bowl ‘host’ New Jersey left out of the party

NEW YORK — Why are the Jets and Giants called the New York Jets and the New York Giants? I don’t care enough to pursue this, but both teams play at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., and you normally expect an NFL team to …

Peyton Manning doesn’t ‘duck’ Richard Sherman

RICK TELANDER: I guess we were waiting for this, huh? Finally, chatterbox Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said something that can go on the Broncos’ wall. To wit: Peyton Manning throws ‘‘ducks.’’

Carmelo Anthony would look awfully good in a Bulls uniform

It’s interesting to me that on the same day Jordan Spieth shot a 63 at  Torrey Pines, Carmelo Anthony put up 62 at Madison Square Garden. Of course, Spieth is a golfer and ’Melo is a hoopster, and the Knicks were playing the Bobcats on …

TELANDER: Power conferences not far from mutating NCAA

I   predict that in 10 years, you will barely recognize NCAA football. There will be the smaller, less-wealthy schools playing what you still could call ‘‘college football.’’ But there will be the behemoths — Alabama, USC, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and pals — playing something …