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Rick Morrissey has been a sports columnist at the Sun-Times since December 2009. Before that, he was a columnist at the Chicago Tribune for nine …

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  • Bubba Watson goes on birdie binge to lead Masters by three

    AUGUSTA, Ga. — Of all the things that can smother a person, a green jacket wouldn’t immediately come to mind as an obvious instrument of suffocation. You’ve won the Masters, wowing the crowd with a ridiculously daring shot on the second playoff hole, and you …Read More

  • Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy: 3 for the crowd at Masters

    AUGUSTA, Ga. — If you had the pleasure and terror of being 20 yards ahead of Patrick Reed on the eighth hole Thursday, then you know what a golf ball sounds like when it’s moving at Mach 1. It sounds a bit like an angry …Read More

  • No Tiger at Masters? No worries

    RICK MORRISSEY: There’s something liberating about a Masters without Tiger Woods. I think.

  • Spending-challenged Cubs, White Sox set to stink again

    MORRISSEY: Welcome to Kansas City. Welcome to our small-market baseball city. Or, this being March Madness, welcome to our mid-major programs, the Cubs and the White Sox.

    Bears signing of Jared Allen puts foot on gas

    MORRISSEY: With the Jared Allen signing, the Bears are headed in the right direction and at interstate speeds. A poor defense should be significantly better in 2014. Give General Manager Phil Emery credit. He identified the Bears’ weaknesses and did something about it.

    Give Teravainen chance to grow before anointing him next star

    MORRISSEY: If I’m reading fans’ expectations correctly, the headline in the Sun-Times on Saturday should have been, ‘‘Teravainen needs to be like Superman!’’ Let’s stop with the nonsense.

    Double standard exists for Bulls, Blackhawks in playoffs

    RICK MORRISSEY: The Hawks must win the Cup again for the season to be a success. The Bulls need to win a first-round series and do well in a second-round series for the city to speak glowingly of the plucky team that refused to die.

    Rockford’s Fred VanVleet was snubbed by local schools but stars for Wichita State

    RICK MORRISSEY: A little more than a year ago, I received an email from Joe Danforth, a Rockford policeman who wanted to tell me about his stepson the basketball player.

    Let’s hear it for Wichita State Nation!

    RICK MORRISSEY: With the NCAA tournament about to start, we are so grateful to be watching a team the networks haven’t shoved down our throats for years that we dissolve into tears of joy at the mere idea of a Wichita State.

    We’ll know if Josh McCown’s magic was real

    MORRISSEY: Josh McCown will be one of the most intriguing stories going into the 2014 NFL season: Did a journeyman quarterback finally, miraculously discover himself and his skills at 34, or was it a head coach’s sharp mind that made the quarterback stand out?

    Brian Urlacher using his new Fox Sports job to criticize Bears

    RICK MORRISSEY: We’re finding out with Brian Urlacher that the healing process is not helped when the former athlete is handed a microphone on a regular basis.

    Joakim Noah turns regular-season win into passion play

    RICK MORRISSEY: Joakim Noah was born for this kind of game. Born to live and die with every possession.

    Vitali Klitschko illustrates leadership comes from more than sports

    Vitali Klitschko’s awesome nickname as a boxer, ‘‘Dr. Ironfist,’’ wouldn’t seem to be a handle you’d want if you were a possible presidential candidate. Certainly not in Ukraine, which has lived under the heavy hand of an unyielding government for years. But the nickname fits …

    MORRISSEY: Yeah, the score was 1-0, but Canada blew out the U.S.

    RICK MORRISSEY: This was a fast, methodical demise, if there is such a thing, and as the game wore on, it became apparent that there was no way out for Team USA.

    Drama-filled game a giant letdown for Russians

    MORRISSEY: The Russian fans wanted it more. No, please, don’t be insulted. You couldn’t possibly have wanted this as much as these people did, even as you pawed at a buzzing alarm clock early Saturday morning and wiped the sleep from your eyes.

    Jason Brown makes huge jump despite Olympic setback

    RICK MORRISSEY: The Ponytail knows no fear. Jitters, yes. Fear, no. Jason Brown doesn’t know any better. There’s really no other explanation for what he has done the last month and what he has done at the Winter Olympics.

    Thibodeau to Bulls: Thanks, but no tank

    RICK MORRISSEY: Let’s go way, way back — all the way back to when pitchfork-armed citizens were outside the Berto Center three months ago, clamoring for a military vehicle. Specifically, a tank.