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Going home to the Chicago Way

How cold was it in Chicago this winter? The politicians kept their hands in their own pockets. Not a bad joke — though I think I first heard it with New Jersey substituted for Chicago. Works just as well. Works for just about any big …

Vote ‘da’ for Putin for president!

Our next president needs to be tough, resolute and no-nonsense. Our next president needs to be a person of clear intentions who will not cower in the face of our enemies or send mixed messages. Our next president must be dauntless, determined and daring. Our …

Right-wing Hillary whispers begin

ROGER SIMON: If you are not familiar with the lurid particulars of the past claims against the Clintons, just wait. As 2016 draws closer, the right wing will provide a refresher course for you. In fact, it is starting already. In case you haven’t heard, Hillary Clinton may have a secret terrible illness that will prevent her from running for president in 2016.

Hillary has no Putin illusions

We don’t know how Hillary Clinton would handle Vladimir Putin. But she may get the chance. Putin’s third term as president of Russia will not expire until May 2018, and he has not ruled out running for another six-year term after that. Besides, Putin has …

Bet on Vegas for GOP convention

ROGER SIMON: In which city would you like to spend four days in June or July engaged in mindless behavior and no meaningful activity, often leading to drunken stupor? In other words, which city should the Republican National Committee choose for its presidential nominating convention in 2016? Las Vegas is said by some to be the front-runner.

Real thug? Guy armed to the teeth

ROGER SIMON: Let’s play a game. It’s called: “Who’s the thug?”

Campaigns learn the hard way — journalists are everywhere

I have rarely met a political operative who believes that journalism is on the level. They do not believe that journalism is agenda-free or that a journalist’s only agenda is to report the truth without “fear or favor.” Journalists claim to have standards, but the …

No joke — Hillary looks ready to run

Ask Dr. Politics! You are fair, and we are unbalanced! Dear Dr. Politics: Will Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016? Answer: Yes. And not because of her enormous lead for the Democratic nomination in the early polls. And not because of her huge fundraising …

Obama’s wimpy speech

I had hoped for a tougher Obama. I had hoped for an Obama who was weary of having his open hand be smacked away time and again by the closed fists of Republicans in the House. But even when he had opportunities, he didn’t take them.

Christie is nimbler than you think

Chris Christie’s master plan is working. By making himself totally intolerable to democrats, he is making himself somewhat acceptable to Republicans. A variety of Democratic mayors in New Jersey are now howling at Christie for being a bully and a creep. This is music to his ears.

Four ways Christie story falls short

Just because something is true does not mean it is believable. Which is Chris Christie’s real problem. His “see no evil; hear no evil; my staff is evil, but I’m not” defense for the closing of bridge lanes in Fort Lee, N.J., allegedly because the …

Internet gives traction to the sorriest news stories

An article on The Daily Beast stated: “In the modern media environment, it’s pretty hard to go too far. Advocacy of murder, however, does cross one of the last remaining lines.” Actually, I would argue that in the modern media environment, it’s very easy to go too far. All you have to do is shoot your mouth off and wait for it to ricochet around the Web.

A hangover says you are still alive

As usual, I am presenting my list of holiday hangover cures. I do not know why. When you need this, you probably won’t even be able to read it. Your eyes will be two pink dots, your teeth will itch, and your mouth will feel …

John Hinckley’s slow re-emergence

John Hinckley almost certainly will be home for the holidays, which will bring much joy to his 86-year-old mother, but not to the U.S. Justice Department. No matter whether there has been a Democrat in the White House or a Republican, the Justice Department has …

GOP questions value of open debate

Iunderstand that politics is petty, vicious and disgraceful. I just don’t want to take all the fun out of it. The Republican Party is now considering changes in its rules to squeeze the last remaining pleasure out of politics. According to Peter Hamby of CNN, …

‘Hey, do you think you are bleck?’

The angry uniformed man pushed his beefy red face into mine. “Hey, do you think you are bleck?” he roared. I was a lot confused and a little scared. Bleck? What was bleck? The guard pointed at my face. “You are white!” he said. “You …

End ‘good’ war in Afghanistan

ROGER SIMON: The zero option should be a zero-brainer. The zero option is a plan to leave zero U.S. troops in Afghanistan after December 2014.The other option, which never has been named, could be called the “let’s break our promise to the American people and keep 10,000-16,000 troops in Afghanistan until at least 2024 at a cost of $80 billion or so” option.