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Sue Ontiveros has probably one of the wackiest double jobs around. She writes a column on the Saturday editorial pages and is the editor of …

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The harm of phony mag photos

If ABC’s Dan Abrams’ comments were just evidence of one more guy who likes to look at fantasy women maybe I could roll my eyes and let it go. But these alterted and unrealistic magazine images are damaging when you consider the very real and enormous pressure young girls and young women feel to meet impossible standards when it comes to their bodies.

Kids believe, and you will, too

The children who write to Santa Claus in our Season of Sharing campaign are such believers in the magic of Christmas and the ability of that guy from the North Pole to give when they ask. They believe that by doing their chores and homework, it just might be possible that Santa will bring them something they want and need.

Trans fat ban won’t be so easy

We want our food to taste good (if in a synthetic way), be dirt cheap and last forever. Trans fats made all that possible, and now the FDA is poised to pretty much eliminate them from our diets.

Cutting Latino dropout rate is good for us all

A two-part series by Independent Lens, “The Graduates,” looks at the Latino dropout problem. It airs at 10 p.m. Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 on WTTW-Channel 11.

When Dominick’s leaves Chicago’s Far North Side, will a food desert replace it?

Here’s my biggest concern after hearing Dominick’s is pulling out of Chicagoland: that we’ll be adding one humongous food desert on the Far North Side.

Hollywood antics fall flat in the real world

SUE ONTIVEROS: It would be nice if we could tell our young girls that when an entertainer like Miley Cyrus takes it all off, nothing good happens. But that’s not exactly true.

School cuts highlight parent role as teacher

Though I liked school, as a little kid I was anxious as each new year began. If I were a parent sending a child back to Chicago Public Schools, I know those knots would be in my stomach again, and for good reason. No matter …

Reality nothing  like television

Keep an open mind, I told myself the day I opened the press kit for “Pregnant & Dating,” a show that debuted in May on WE tv. But honestly, I thought my head was going to explode. Really, this is Women’s Entertainment? I am not …

Dad’s gone; time for Chinese food!

SUE ONTIVEROS: There’s not a whole lot to laugh about when you’re watching your father die of cancer, especially in those last weeks. You witness a once strong body grow too weak to even stand unassisted, see an independent man who was always on the go now confined to spending his days in a solitary room. But the multiple requests for Chinese food never ceased to make me laugh for one simple reason: he never ate Chinese food before!

Billboards make you wonder, what if males were the ones who got pregnant?

SUE ONTIVEROS: The most provocative part of the Chicago Department of Public Health teen pregnancy prevention campaign is the billboards at L stations, bus stops and sprinkled through neighborhoods that have the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Sing out for the U.S. after Boston

No doubt about it, watching — and listening — to video of the crowd in Boston sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Bruins game Wednesday night really tugged at our collective heartstrings. There it was, the first sporting event in Boston after the terrible tragedy …

Memorials reveal a sense of helplessness

Those memorials drive me crazy. You know the ones I’m talking about. The piles of teddy bears and flowers sitting below balloons at the site of where yet another person has been gunned down in Chicago. Those memorials that TV cameras flock to, where they’ll …

For-profit joints can’t beat an SIU

The conversation between the mom and daughter walking in front of me had grown quite animated, so I decided to listen in. From what I could gather, Mom herself hadn’t gone to college and admitted it wasn’t something she knew much about. Still, she had …

Adele is patron saint of new moms

SUE ONTIVEROS: In this season of awards for entertainers, I would like to nominate Adele as patron saint of new moms.

Latin superstar Jenni did it all

Like so many others, I was shocked by the sudden death of Latin superstar Jenni Rivera. Just hours before the plane she and her entourage were traveling in went down last weekend, the Diva of Banda had performed before thousands in Monterrey, Mexico. Many in …

Cranberries are much more than a side dish this Thanksgiving

I f you were to compare the days of my Dad’s life to an hourglass, you’d see the sand racing to the bottom, with those around him having little chance of stopping it. Dad was diagnosed with end-stage prostate cancer in late May; it now …

We can’t take abortion rights for granted

As one male GOP candidate after another has stepped up to play “Father Knows Best” when it comes to abortion — particularly when it involves a rape victim — I keep asking myself how has it come to this: that women’s reproductive rights are in …