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  • Eton’s FRX3 will get you through weather crisis

    I’ve been testing and accumulating various kinds of storm preparedness-related tech items ever since 2011’s Hurricane Irene made that into an annual theme. After last fall’s storm and subsequent blackout, I acquired an interesting gadget from Eton Corp: the FRX3 multifunction radio.

  • Why Google Glass is fascinating; Chromebook Pixel just puzzling

    ANDY IHNATKO: “The tech industry’s most fascinating company” is a title that changes hands frequently over the course of a year. This week, I’m handing it to Google.

  • Apple hacked, and Java is the weak spot

    ANDY IHNATKO: Just as the Pinto is inextricably linked to getting covered with gasoline and burning to death in a minor collision, so does the public link the Java browser plugin with systems getting hacked. High-profile systems. Apple was just the latest victim to make the national news. In a statement Tuesday, the company reported that a “small number of systems” used Apple were infected with malware that exploits a previously unknown hole in Java security. These Macs were infected after their owners visited a website for software developers.

  • Apple iWatch could be useful or completely impractical

    ANDY IHNATKO: Will Apple make a watch? If it does, what could it do well, and would anyone want to wear it?

  • ANDY IHNATKO: Microsoft Surface Pro review: Great tablet PC, but needs apps

    ANDY IHNATKO FIRST LOOK: It’s not a toaster-refrigerator, but a keg-refrigerator: Surface Pro is a natural fusion of two good ideas.

  • IHNATKO: Should you upgrade to Windows 8?

    Are you still waffling about whether or not you should upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8? Well, don’t rush. You have the rest of the day before Windows 8’s early promotional pricing expires and the upgrade becomes two and a half to five times more expensive.

    Ihnatko: BlackBerry unveils BB10, and I like what I see so far

    Research In Motion was saddled with two monumental problems: the name of the company, which was practically meaningless, and an OS still associated with old-fashioned 2005-era push-button devices that people only used because their corporate employers forced them to. Today, in a worldwide launch event, the company addressed both issues.

    Microsoft releases Office 2013. Good, but don’t get too excited

    ANDY IHNATKO: Microsoft released Office 2013 today. Go ahead and sign up for a free 30-day preview of the suite. But don’t expect a huge, transformative revelation.

    Aereo a new, simpler, more complete source of streaming TV

    ANDY IHNATKO: Aereo.com streams TV through the Internet, and it does it simply and straightforwardly ... the way we’d want. Pay a low subscription fee for access to the service and you can watch live, broadcast television through a web browser on your computer or mobile device. It’s like having a digital antenna on your iPad. The service is only available in New York City right now, but it’s expanding into Chicago soon.

    Facebook Graph Search could come in handy, to some people, maybe

    ANDY IHNATKO: I really could have used Facebook’s new Graph Search feature, which they announced at a special media event on Tuesday. I could have hit Facebook and searched for a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan that was liked by many of my local friends or even friends of my friends within the previous six months.

    CES 2013: Pebble watch looks like one stone that’s on a roll

    ANDY IHNATKO: The central strength of the Pebble watch is the concept of the smartwatch as a blank canvas. It’s not really designed to replace any of the functions of the iOS or Android phone in your pocket.

    CES old news: Mobile-is-where-it’s-at message marks opening of densely crowded show

    ANDY IHNATKO: I’m ... still not entirely sure what I saw on Monday night. CES 2013 kicked off with a keynote that (pre-keynote) was described by thousands of commentators as “Not presented by Microsoft’s CEO.” Which seemed completely on the nose.

    Attempts to legislate online, video privacy very sticky

    Congress has recently amended the quarter-century-old Video Privacy Protection Act. In immediate and practical terms, it means that a video service like Netflix can now share your personal viewing history with an outside service (like Facebook) after getting your permission.

    What Apple could do to make 2013 a really great year

    ANDY IHNATKO: Apple’s done well with iBooks, movies, and computers that sell for half the cost of a conventional notebook. What other turnabouts does Apple have in store for 2013 and beyond? Here’s what I’m hoping for.

    Celebrate 2013 with a new font for $20.13

    IHNATKO: Comicraft, the producer of some of the finest display fonts available anywhere, celebrates New Year by putting all of their fonts on sale, for $20.13. Get it? 2013.

    Ihnatko: The best tech products of 2012

    When I’m choosing tech products and services for a “best of the year” list, there’s only one valid criteria: the things that remained a big part of my life after the review was over and done with. Here are my favorites.

    Read this before you wrap that Christmas Wii U - and ukuleles

    ANDY IHNATKO ON PERSONAL TECH: Before wrapping up all those tech goodies for under the tree, take a few minutes to make sure they’re ready to use. From software updates to apps to just making sure there is a full charge - there are lots of small, time-consuming steps you can take to make it a better gift out of the box.