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Rick Telander has been the lead sports columnist at the Sun-Times since April, 1995. He previously was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and ESPN, …

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Little League World Series exploits exploited by TV

RICK TELANDER: It’s too bad the Jackie Robinson West Little League team was roughed up 13-2 by a powerful Las Vegas team Sunday in a game halted after four innings by the mercy rule.

Tony Stewart learns lesson, but it’s too late

Star driver Tony Stewart officially became NASCAR’s ‘‘bad boy’’ in 2001, when he spun out Jeff Gordon at Bristol Motor Speedway after Gordon had pulled a ‘‘bump-and-run’’ on him to finish higher in the race. Stewart was put on probation for his loony act, and …

Notre Dame reputation tarnished again by academic scandal

RICK TELANDER: Four Notre Dame football players, all likely starters — including a potential All-American in defensive back KeiVarae Russell — were dropped from the team Friday in the midst of an academic-fraud scandal.

Michael Sam hasn’t brought dreaded ‘distractions’ to Rams

TELANDER: Michael Sam, No. 96 in his white practice jersey and blue helmet, stretches with his teammates at the St. Louis Rams’ practice facility.Soon there are drills, and Sam blocks and sheds blocks with the other defensive ends.He touches men. He grabs them. He hits them. And no one dies.

Four sportswriters try a different angle

What happens when sportswriters go to a ballgame as . . .  da-dum, da-dum (‘‘Jaws’’ music) . . . regular humans? This doesn’t happen very often. That is, sportswriters are constantly attending games as journalists, which means they sit in a press box, take nonstop, absurdly detailed, even insane notes, …

Greg Maddux was small of stature, but had no limitations

RICK TELANDER: Let’s call Greg Maddux’s march to the Hall of Fame a victory for little guys everywhere.

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong facing financial ruin

There are few athletes, current or past, I dislike more than Lance Armstrong. I’m not talking about outright bad guys, such as O.J. Simpson — whom I spoke with several times before those unfortunate murders and always found to be cordial and helpful — or …

NCAA to pay for concussion screening; time for personal relief

RICK TELANDER: The NCAA has agreed to pay for concussion screening, medical monitoring and concussion awareness programs for college athletes. Now it’s time for the wounded former college safety to get some personal relief.

NCAA president Mark Emmert makes $1.7M to players’ 0

RICK TELANDER: Well, what new things do we know about the NCAA today? That it is a monster with so many probes, fingers and tails that it barely can control itself.

Why Pau Gasol is a perfect fit for Bulls

RICK TELANDER: The Bulls get 34-year-old 7-footer Pau Gasol. His contract is said to be starting at somewhere around $6.5 million, but forget about money and think about basketball.

Masahiro Tanaka’s apology for injury comes as charming surprise

Twenty-five-year-old New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was sailing along this season, his first in the major leagues after starring in his native Japan, making his $155 million contract almost a bargain, in baseball economics. His 12-4 record with a 2.51 ERA in 18 starts …

Our deadly Chicago far beneath NBA’s royalty: Telander

RICK TELANDER: Chicago is worse than a war zone. In the 14 years the U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan, we have lost a total of 2,233 troops. Chicago dwarfs that carnage. Just since 2009, there have been 2,418 homicides here.

Hot-dog eating contest a disgrace to gluttons

TELANDER: Veteran professional eater Joey Chestnut jammed 61 hot dogs and buns down his gullet in just 10 minutes there by the New York beach, earning his eighth consecutive ‘‘Mustard Belt.’’ Barf.

Carmelo, LaLa, LeBron and Lin—the NBA circus trip

RICK TELANDER: Here’s what I’m thinking: By the time Carmelo Anthony ends his “Melo Over ’Merica’’ tour, he’ll weigh 300 pounds from all the steak dinners and hot air he’s eaten.

Manny Ramirez’s ‘rebirth’ too little, too late and too bad

TELANDER: This is what Manny Ramirez is: a man who knows very little about anything but hitting a baseball hard, who never planned for anything past hitting the ball hard, and when nobody needed him to do that task anymore, he could not bring himself to think it was over or that his jerky-ness of the past mattered.

Hey Theo Epstein, Cubs fans are still waiting

RICK TELANDER: I won’t bore you with Theo Epstein’s stats of deceleration, but the Cubs have lost 82 more games than they’ve won since he took charge after the 2011 season.

TELANDER: Gay pitchmen now a much easier sell

Capitalism and democracy allow a lot of abuses to the human condition. But their beauty lies in the inevitability of the marketplace and the emotions of the informed citizens forging progress. Thus, we have Jason Collins — the veteran basketball player who was the first …