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Rick Telander has been the lead sports columnist at the Sun-Times since April, 1995. He previously was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and ESPN, …

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NCAA president Mark Emmert makes $1.7M to players’ 0

RICK TELANDER: Well, what new things do we know about the NCAA today? That it is a monster with so many probes, fingers and tails that it barely can control itself.

Why Pau Gasol is a perfect fit for Bulls

RICK TELANDER: The Bulls get 34-year-old 7-footer Pau Gasol. His contract is said to be starting at somewhere around $6.5 million, but forget about money and think about basketball.

Masahiro Tanaka’s apology for injury comes as charming surprise

Twenty-five-year-old New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was sailing along this season, his first in the major leagues after starring in his native Japan, making his $155 million contract almost a bargain, in baseball economics. His 12-4 record with a 2.51 ERA in 18 starts …

Our deadly Chicago far beneath NBA’s royalty: Telander

RICK TELANDER: Chicago is worse than a war zone. In the 14 years the U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan, we have lost a total of 2,233 troops. Chicago dwarfs that carnage. Just since 2009, there have been 2,418 homicides here.

Hot-dog eating contest a disgrace to gluttons

TELANDER: Veteran professional eater Joey Chestnut jammed 61 hot dogs and buns down his gullet in just 10 minutes there by the New York beach, earning his eighth consecutive ‘‘Mustard Belt.’’ Barf.

Carmelo, LaLa, LeBron and Lin—the NBA circus trip

RICK TELANDER: Here’s what I’m thinking: By the time Carmelo Anthony ends his “Melo Over ’Merica’’ tour, he’ll weigh 300 pounds from all the steak dinners and hot air he’s eaten.

Manny Ramirez’s ‘rebirth’ too little, too late and too bad

TELANDER: This is what Manny Ramirez is: a man who knows very little about anything but hitting a baseball hard, who never planned for anything past hitting the ball hard, and when nobody needed him to do that task anymore, he could not bring himself to think it was over or that his jerky-ness of the past mattered.

Hey Theo Epstein, Cubs fans are still waiting

RICK TELANDER: I won’t bore you with Theo Epstein’s stats of deceleration, but the Cubs have lost 82 more games than they’ve won since he took charge after the 2011 season.

TELANDER: Gay pitchmen now a much easier sell

Capitalism and democracy allow a lot of abuses to the human condition. But their beauty lies in the inevitability of the marketplace and the emotions of the informed citizens forging progress. Thus, we have Jason Collins — the veteran basketball player who was the first …

  • TELANDER: What was beefing up college homers? Just guess

    Home runs in college baseball are way, way down from past years. ‘‘In 2010, there was just under one home run per game in Division I,’’ Sports Illustrated wrote in this week’s issue. ‘‘Last season there were .36 home runs per game.’’ There were only …Read More

  • The rap on World Cup flopping from Chief Keef

    RICK TELANDER: I mean, what is the deal with all this World Cup flopping? You know what I’m talking about. Soccer players, the best in the world, get slid into, tripped or kicked, and they go down writhing in pain.

  • Stars, Sterling hurting NBA

    RICK TELANDER: Well, Adam Silver, how’s it rolling? The new NBA commissioner came in calm and confident in February, taking over for his longtime boss, David Stern.

  • TELANDER: Wrigley’s charm can’t be remodeled

    Let’s talk Wrigley Field. Let’s try to think rationally about this sporting structure that is equal parts historic, unique, gorgeous and a dump. And it is all those things. Which is the difficult issue facing the troubled Cubs franchise and the Ricketts family ownership. What …

    TELANDER: Clippers situation hardly black and white

    As I type this, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is prepared to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers from the embattled Sterling family for $2 billion. As with any franchise sale, Ballmer must wait for approval from the NBA Board of Governors. That should happen. Ballmer …

    Cubs need to break the bank, buy the rooftops

    RICK TELANDER: When I see Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts make a poor-lost-puppy video announcing the club is going ahead with Wrigley Field renovation and signage plans, I have to chuckle with amusement.

    Rest of Blackhawks can learn from Jonathan Toews’ resolve

    LOS ANGELES — The lead-in to Game 3 of the Western Conference final started with a recording of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler screaming ‘‘Dream On’’ as the video board showed the Kings winning again and again. Soon, a real-life Slash came out to perform the national …

    TELANDER: Chilling to consider an NFL player with a body count

    This Aaron Hernandez dude, formerly a star tight end with the New England Patriots but now incarcerated in a Boston jail, is apparently the kind of near-fictional character that even Hollywood could not jam down our throats. But he’s allegedly for real. That is, Hernandez, …