Dale Bowman biography

Outdoors columnist Dale Bowman began his reporting career as a correspondent covering state government for WTAJ-TV in 1982. While in graduate school in 1984, he …

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  • Tony Stewart stays under the radar in Joliet

    He came quietly. He left quietly. During the MyAFibStory.com 400 at Chicagoland Speedway on Sunday, Tony Stewart was as inconspicuous on track as off, gaining little and losing little in starting 22nd and finishing 18th. The race was expected to be the last for Stewart …Read More

  • Kayak fishing is where it’s heading

    The Chinook that sticks with Nick Doumel was the third one he landed last Saturday kayak fishing at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. ‘‘It went ballistic,’’ Doumel said. ‘‘Teddy Wozny hit me on the radio and asked if I had a tarpon on. It was two minutes of …Read More

  • ‘Character’ track in Joliet opens NASCAR’s Chase

    The track is another year older, the format brand new. To hear Matt Kenseth tell it, if you never have bought a ticket to watch NASCAR Sprint Cup cars run at Chicagoland Speedway, this would be a great time to give it a try. “Honestly, …Read More

  • Joel Slabe aiming for Bassmaster tourneys

    It’s no surprise that Joel Slabe caught one of the early shoreline Chinook on Sunday night at Burnham Harbor. Or that he caught one of the biggest largemouth bass from the Chicago lakefront this summer when he biked on a Friday night to Burnham in …

    9/10: Midwest Fishing Report & Fish of the Week

    MIDWEST FISHING REPORT LAKEFRONT SALMON: CHICAGO: Stacey Greene, Park Bait: Good run Monday and Tuesday, best mouth of Montrose. Steve Palmisano, Henry’s: “Good fish, nice and silvery.’’ It’s mostly spoons, mouth of most harbors. WAUKEGAN: Lori Ralph, Salmon Stop: Good bite started Friday; mostly on …

    Keith Bechtol, Kristen Heckert race to victories in Chicago Half Marathon

    You didn’t have to be an ­astrophysicist to tell conditions were nearly perfect Sunday morning for the start of the 18th Chicago Half Marathon on the South Side. But apparently it helped, at least for Keith Bechtol. The astrophysicist at the University of Chicago won …

    Illinois wildland crew will go far for a fire

    My concern with wildland fires would be, well, the fire. ‘‘There are 100 ways to hurt yourself in a fire, but burning is not one of them,’’ regional forester Tom Gargrave said. ‘‘It’s falling down the hill or cracking an ankle, things like that. The …

  • Opening day of dove-hunting season also commemorates death of last passenger pigeon

    Two dozen mourning doves erupted from the stubble of a recently disced vegetable field as we stepped off Monday for the opening day of dove hunting. My neighbor Norm Koster and I just laughed. Such are the vagaries of hunting. It was a typical Sept. …Read More

  • 9/3: Midwest Fishing Report & Fish of the Week

    MIDWEST FISHING REPORT LAKEFRONT SALMON: SE WIS.: Harborside: It begins for shore fishermen and boaters around Kenosha and Pike Creek. NW INDIANA: Boaters catching some in close at Burns Ditch. Mik-Lurch: A couple from shore at the Hole-in-the-Wall. CHICAGO/WAUKEGAN/SW MICH.: Waiting AREA LAKES: Johnny “Sunshine’’ …Read More

  • Figuring out a weigh with a massive grass carp

    Julio Columbo Roldan caught the Illinois record grass carp last Sunday. Or not. Here’s the scene with Roldan, a hard-core fisherman from Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood and a member of the Humboldt Park Fishing Society: ‘‘I don’t know squat about grass carp,’’ he said. ‘‘Ask me …Read More

  • Dove hunting around the corner

    It’s time to divine sunflower heads and count doves on wires. With opening day for dove hunting on Monday — Labor Day — the fields will be packed. This year comes with season changes. In Illinois, the two seasons are Sept. 1-Nov. 14, which eliminated …

  • 08/27: Midwest Fishing Report & Fish of the Week

    MIDWEST FISHING REPORT LAKEFRONT SALMON: CHICAGO/WAUKEGAN: Waiting. INDIANA: Before rains blew out streams, a few big kings (and browns) came in. SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN: Harborside: Chinook being seen in Kenosha Harbor. SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN: Tackle Haven: A few kings came in. AREA LAKES: Ken ‘‘Husker’’ O’Malley, Water …Read More

  • Sam Becker, 13, keeps the muskies coming

    For those unacquainted with muskie fishing, casting a Medusa swimbait is like heaving a small cement block into the water and reeling it in all day. Keep that in mind in this story about 13-year-old Sam Becker, who started his first year at Lincoln-Way Central …

    Chicago Marathon: 2013 race generated more than quarter-billion dollars

    Beth Bracco remembers the early days, some 18 years ago, of Blue Plate Catering’s connection with the Chicago Marathon. ‘‘That first year, it was coffee out of paper boxes,’’ said Bracco, vice president of business development. ‘‘As the marathon has grown, our company has grown. …

  • Clancy family ready for Chicago Triathlon

    Jack Clancy laughs when he is asked if he enjoyed college life at Wisconsin a little too much. Let’s just say Madison is a good place to be in your late teens and early 20s. A change came when he  returned to Chicago this summer. …Read More

  • Going frog wild on nighttime hunting trip

    Pairs of eyes popped, shiny bright, as Jeff Norris scanned the duckweed-clotted golf-course pond Monday night with his headlamp. “There’s a good one,’’ he said. With that, frogging was on in the western suburbs. Think ‘‘Caddyshack’’ with bullfrogs in place of gophers. I had not …

    Midwest Fishing Report: 8/20

    Midwest fishing report LAKEFRONT KINGS: CHICAGO: Henry’s reported salmon being seen in the harbors, one caught around 31st-39th, another at Jackson Park. WAUKEGAN: Waiting. INDIANA: Mik-Lurch reported at least one caught in the streams; otherwise some kings being seen at the Hole-in-the-Wall. SOUTHEAST WIS.: Faithful …