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Readers sorry for Cutler criticism

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Updated: September 24, 2012 6:25AM

When Bears quarterback Jay Cutler exited the NFC Championship Game in the second half Sunday because of a bum knee, the social-media world erupted with harsh criticism — from fans to current and former NFL players. After an MRI exam showed Cutler suffered a tear in his medial collateral ligament, many of those same critics suddenly changed their tune.

Was upset during the game until i learned he was injured. Once i heard “tear” right after the game, wasn’t an issue


Jay plays everyday with Diabetes. He is for sure one tough football player. Anyone that doesn’t agree, doesn’t know football


Cutler’s “quitting” during the final game wasn’t an issue. Him being a flakey QB all season was the real issue


Cutler just didn’t want it bad enough. The Blackhawks played through pain and they were rewarded. Its all in the attitude


It’s not like Cutler did anything in the first Q anyway, I think he deserves another chance.


Cutler is still a great player and he didn’t prevent the Bears from losing. The team lost as a ‘team,’ not one person’s doing.


I’m disappointed of all the attention that Cutler is receiving in regards to his injury. An injury like his is major, and we shouldn’t encourage reckless courage for our younger athletes. Possibly, part of the criticism, is due to Cutler’s poor performance - no doubt, I’m very unhappy with some of the decisions and throws. But that shouldn’t be the reason why we question one’s “toughness”.


Cutler did not deserve the flak he received for the game. Granted he didn’t play well, he left in the 3rd, and he didn’t appear to be the “sideline cheerleader” some wanted him to be. However, considering Cutler was sacked over 500 times this year for anyone to question his toughness is ironic.


Jay, I hope you remember every single Twitter critic. Take all the negativity and after you rehab your MCL for 6-8 weeks put the work in to destroy the NFL. Prove them wrong. Light it on fire. Jerry Angelo, go get him a real O line (keep Kreutzie) and a real receiver (Knox is a #2, Hester is a #3). I will be at Lucas Oil Stadium next year or the Superdome in 2013 when you hoist the Lombardi trophy.


Would everyone who needed convincing that he wasn’t jaking it have preferred to see him ham it up on the sideline like some drama queen with ice packs, crutches and a medical staff fawning over him — pretending to be on his deathbed so that people would see how hurt he was? That would have been b.s. He was hurt, wanted to play, they said he couldn’t and he didn’t make a fuss about it. It seems like a lot of people would have preferred he go straight to the network to explain himself, but I’m glad he’s above that. Too many prima donnas are so worried about what everyone thinks, running to their agents, sponsorship people and PR people to preserve some b.s. image. That Cutler doesn’t play those games makes him a lot more real, and I’m glad about that. Thanks, Jay, for taking the hits this year and getting us to the NFC championship. No way the Bears would have been anywhere near it without you! Real Bear fans are behind you and look forward to supporting you again for another great season in 2011.


This is to all the so called “Bears Fans”:

My name is Nicole, and I’m 32 years old (I live in Chicago). I’ve been a Bears fan my whole life and have dealt with the good and the bad. And, let’s face it, there’s been A LOT of bad. That’s what a TRUE fan does. Quite honestly, it makes me sick how fast the fans are turning on Jay Cutler. I think the people of Chicago — or any Bears fan, for that matter — forgets that as much as these people are football players and get paid the big bucks to do what they do, they are also humans.

Until you put on those pads, lace up those shoes and get on that field every Sunday for those months out of the year and get your butt kicked for three hours —and then practice that much more during the week — you really have no business saying a negative word about him.

I’d like to see any one of those people out there criticizing Jay do his job and deal with the constant putdowns and insults he’s received all year. Everyone loved him when he was getting us wins, specifically those five in a row, let me refresh all of your memories. We loved him then.

I understand the significance of this Sunday’s game. Believe me, I’m upset that we lost, too. I hate Green Bay. At the same time, are we really going to hate the guy that got us there?

Who cares how quiet he is in public or to the media? Look what he does for children. Look what he does for his teammates and what they do for him.

Thanks, Jay, for all you’ve done for this team. Go Bears! It was a GREAT season!

Nicole from Chicago

He was sacked more times than any quarterback in the NFL this season. We’re lucky he made it this far. This is about being outcoached.


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