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Candace Parker likes the Bears

Updated: January 14, 2011 4:21PM

WNBA star and Naperville native Candace Parker talked about her favorite team—the Chicago Bears—and trashed talked the Chicago Sky’s Cathrine Kraayeveld, whose father played for the Seattle Seahawks, in a recent Q&A session:

Will there be a friendly wager between you and Cathrine Kraayeveld? If so, what are the details?

WHEN, not if, the Bears win, Cathrine must buy me Portillos! Portillos is the best fast food restaurant in Chicago! Hey Cathrine, I’ll have a Fish Sandwich with cheese, extra large fries, and a chocolate cake milkshake! THANK YOU!

Any fun pre-game trash talk you’d like to offer Cathrine?

Do you want me to teach you how to do the Superbowl shuffle?

How long have you been a Bears fan and how did you first become a fan of the team?

I was raised in a suburb outside of Chicago and have always closely followed DA BEARS!

What are your best memories or anecdotes about following your team?

Arguing with my husband every Sunday regarding football because he is a Cowgirls...I mean Cowboys fan! Since the Bears have had a phenomenal season this year, it was quite fun!

Who is your favorite player(s) on the team to watch and why?

Devin Hester because teams are so scared if they kick it anywhere near him, the boy will run it back.

Where and how will you be watching the game? If you are out of the country, will you be following on your phone, laptop, or other device?

I am out of the country in Ekaterinburg, Russia and will be following the game via Slingbox (thanks Geek Squad at Best Buy for hooking it up!)

Why do you think your team will win the game?

Our defense is the business and our offense is led by a phenomenal quarterback! Not to mention our special teams rarely make mistakes! Anyway, didn’t the Seahawks have their miracle win last week vs, WHO DAT.....oh, the Saints.

What is your prediction for the final score the game?


Who is your pick for NFL MVP this season, and why?

Tom Brady will win NFL MVP because he makes it look so easy.

If you were in the NFL, what position would you want to play?

Although my body type is more like a wide receiver, I would want to be the tight end because they do a little bit of everything.

Do you have any superstitions when watching your favorite NFL team play ((wear the same jersey, T, hat? Sit in the same spot? Etc.

Everytime the Bears score a touchdown my daughter, Lailaa, and I do a touchdown dance!

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