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AFTERNOON SPORTS CLUB Curb your enthusiasm, it's just 'one win'

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The Bears had reason to celebrate yesterday, but as veteran center Olin Kreutz pointed out, it's just "one win."

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Bears center Olin Kreutz, who keeps things in perspective in good times and bad, wasn't about to get carried away after the Bears beat the Vikings 27-13 on Sunday at Soldier Field.

‘‘It was one win,'' the 13-year veteran said. ‘‘It makes the next one bigger.''

There was no better analysis than that after a convincing victory at home over a 3-5 NFC North opponent with a lot of talent and a lot of issues. Knocking the Vikings one step closer to oblivion was significant, but who knows what the Bears really accomplished-

At 6-3, they've beaten one team that currently has a winning record (the 6-3 Packers at Soldier Field). Their six victories have come against teams that are 12-33. Five of their final seven opponents have winning records. The other two - the 2-7 Lions and 3-6 Vikings - are division rivals that will be difficult to beat on the road.

But after back-to-back victories, the arrow is pointing up like never before this season. Mike Martz, Lovie Smith, Mike Tice and Jay Cutler seem to have found common ground. Devin Hester is getting closer and closer to becoming ridiculous again. The offensive line is getting better instead of worse. And with Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, the Bears' defense is becoming an anchor that gives the Bears a chance against any team in the league -- even the ones with winning records.

And now, 10 OBSERVATIONS from Sunday's victory over the Vikings: