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IN BRIEF: If Cutler can't start, it's still Collins

If Jay Cutler doesn't play against the Panthers on Sunday, Todd Collins will get the start, offensive coordinator Mike Martz said Wednesday.

Collins was ineffective after replacing Cutler at halftime Sunday night. He completed 4 of 11 passes for 42 yards with an interception and a passer rating of 8.1. But Collins, signed during the preseason when Caleb Hanie was sidelined with a shoulder injury, still is the No. 2.

''That's our judgment,'' Martz said. ''Todd's a guy who has played a great deal and won and played exceptionally well at this level. We know what he is. He demonstrated that in the preseason. It's just a question of getting him a little bit more familiar.''

Martz said the team is still ''excited'' about Hanie.

''Caleb easily could be No. 2 right now,'' Martz said. Grant unfazed

New Bears defensive end Charles Grant isn't concerned about the possibility of NFL discipline stemming from a misdemeanor plea deal for a February 2008 incident at a Georgia club.

''I didn't do nothing,'' Grant said. ''How you going to discipline a guy in a situation that didn't do nothing- I was a victim. I could see if I got in trouble constantly. That was the first time something ever happened that I was around, but I didn't have nothing to do with it.''

A spokesman said the NFL will review the case under the personal-conduct policy.

Grant also is one of the players who has a four-game suspension pending because of a lawsuit involving Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams. The players tested positive for a diuretic banned by the NFL.

Grant said he gladly would hold himself accountable, if he felt he did something wrong.

''I'm a man, and if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong," he said. "In my situation, people see that as baggage, and they be hesitant about certain things. But this organization, when I looked them in the eye, they had trust and they believed in what I was saying, and I thank them for that.''BEARS SCHEDULE