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Joe Cowley became a Sun-Times sports columnist in 2010 after 12 years of covering the White Sox for both the Daily Southtown and …

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Underappreciated Starlin Castro overshadowed by Anthony Rizzo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Somewhere among the mob of cameras, microphones and recorders was the latest phenom. At least that’s what the poster above the table read: Bryce Harper. Big, bold letters. It was tough to get near the Washington Nationals’ 19-year-old outfielder, let alone …

All-Star Game format flawed, but AL victory might help White Sox

Paul Konerko is no longer in the business of trying to make sense of the All-Star Game format. He let go of that idea years ago. The concept that the winner of what is supposed to be a midseason exhibition game receives home-field advantage for …

Chris Sale has what it takes to be Sox’ ace

Ask White Sox All-Star left-hander Chris Sale about his success this season, and the conversation quickly turns into a series of baseball clichés. Sale, 23, will praise the defense behind him, the run support, heck, the heavens above for making the wind blow in all …

Bulls must do what they can to keep center Omer Asik

JOE COWLEY: Ever wonder what the NBA’s going rate for a 7-foot, third-year player from Turkey is? One who averaged 3.1 points and 5.3 rebounds last season? The Bulls found out Sunday, when reports had the Houston Rockets offering Asik — a restricted free agent — a three-year deal worth in the neighborhood of $25 million.

Greg Olsen wishes Matt Forte, Bears well, but he’s happy with Panthers

It was the quietest roster move Chicago had seen in quite some time. In fact, it went  unnoticed in many corners  Saturday. Tight end Greg Olsen reunited with running back Matt Forte. Gotta love the freedom of putting kickball teams together. No salary cap, no …

Kevin Youkilis gives White Sox stability, doesn’t ensure division title

MINNEAPOLIS — Sunday was filled with tears, memories and a hint of regret. Monday was filled with the unapologetic musk of Adam Dunn. “I took it out of his bag,’’ Dunn said matter-of-factly when asked where he got the No. 20 Boston Red Sox jersey …

Is Bears’ Matt Forte as good as he thinks he is?

JOE COWLEY: Matt Forte thinks he’s an elite running back in the NFL — at least among the top five. That’s the money he wants, and that’s the money he thinks he deserves from the Bears. Someone is lying to Forte. Or maybe Forte is lying to himself.

This isn’t over: Those who enabled Sandusky must be held accountable

JOE COWLEY: There is no longer side-stepping legality with terms like “alleged’’ and “the accused,’’ when describing Jerry Sandusky. No, the former Penn State defensive coordinator can now wear the label he so deserves: The monster of Happy Valley is caged. Finally.

Jake Peavy is the guy to give White Sox a kick in the pants

JOE COWLEY: Jake Peavy’s fastball might be down a few ticks on the radar gun, but he still brings his mouth with the best of them. And what’s nice about Peavy’s boots-to-butts talk these days is it resonates in the clubhouse more than it has in the past.

Alex Rios ‘in a better place’ after a lost 2011 season

EXCLUSIVE: The details from last July are a bit diverse, depending on which player’s account you listen to. The conclusion? That’s where all the stories line up. “Alex was going to kill Kenny Williams that day,” one White Sox player recently insisted.

Why did NBC not air the most damning part of Jerry Sandusky-Bob Costas interview?

NBC isn’t on trial. Thankfully for the peacock network, blatant ignorance isn’t a crime. But shame on them for not airing the entire November interview with former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, in which the coach admitted, “I didn’t go around seeking out every …

Cubs-White Sox loses luster, not to mention Dempster-Sale tilt

JOE COWLEY: Welcome to the death of a rivalry. The term “rivalry” is used loosely anyway. Considering the definition of the word is “competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field,” the rivalry has been dead for several years. It was killed after the 2008 season, with the Sox becoming the dominant force in the series.

Theo Epstein’s success with Red Sox doesn’t ensure success for Cubs

Will Middlebrooks is just the latest poster child for what Theo Epstein can do with a few scouting visits, a laptop and a fifth-round draft pick. Before Middlebrooks was picked by the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 draft, there was Jonathan Papelbon in 2003 …

Pierzynski might be ‘most hated player,’ but he’s a winner, too

Boone Logan didn’t like A.J. Pierzynski. Hated him, as a matter of fact. The former White Sox reliever spent three seasons on the South Side caught somewhere between promise and mediocrity. At last check in 2011, Logan still had a deep disdain for what Pierzynski …

  • Decision against Manny Pacquiao a death knell for boxing

    JOE COWLEY: The split-decision that awarded Timothy Bradley Jr. the welterweight title on Saturday night over Manny Pacquiao was so visibly wrong in a sport where so much wrong has taken place over the last 15 years. The “Sport of Kings” was pronounced dead.

  • If GM Ken Williams wants to keep Sox in first, draw fans, he needs to make some moves

    Clergyman likely never came up as part of the job description for Ken Williams when he became the White Sox’ general manager. Psychiatrist? Politician? Gambler? Those all go without saying. That’s the GM gig. So excuse Father Kenny if he does his best to find …Read More

  • Starlin Castro feels wrath of Dale Sveum, who’s bringing accountability to Cubs

    It’s easy to want to take a boot to Starlin Castro’s behind these days. Heck, pick out your favorite Timberland and get at the end of a long line forming behind the bald guy wearing the No. 33 Cubs jersey. Tough love at its finest. …Read More