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IN BRIEF: Rose sorry he stiffed TV show

After declining to talk about it Wednesday, Derrick Rose finally addressed the mini controversy surrounding his decision not to go to New York on Tuesday to shoot an episode of the CBS show ''The Good Wife.''

''I talked to the producer today,'' Rose said before the Bulls played the New York Knicks at the United Center. ''[I] just apologized to him. He said that it really wasn't anything that big.''

Rose said the attention the matter received surprised him.

''I never thought it would be like that,'' he said. ''That whole atmosphere is totally different. I'm not the type of guy where I'd try to big-time anyone or anything. It's not in my character, and I'm sorry I did it.''

Rose said that when he agreed to shoot the cameo appearance, he had no idea what the circumstances would be. The Bulls played Monday night in Chicago, and he didn't get to bed until about 2:30 a.m.

Rose overslept, and going to and from New York didn't work out once he missed the early morning flight.

''The timing was messed up,'' he said. ''They had me waking up at 6 o'clock for an 8 o'clock flight. That's kind of messed up.''

Rose said he still might appear on the show.

''Hopefully, you'll see me in another episode,'' he said.

When asked if deciding not to go was the best basketball decision, Rose said: ''We'll see tonight. If I play good, it was the right decision. If not, I might as well have [gone] to New York.''Homecoming

The Bulls will face the Celtics tonight in Boston in a homecoming for coach Tom Thibodeau and forward Brian Scalabrine. Both spent the last few years with the Celtics.