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#Fact: Andrew Shaw trending on Twitter

Rookie Andrew Shaw's short, but very productive run with the Blackhawks has garnered him plenty of attention from the media and plenty of adoration from the fans.

Five goals and six points in your first eight games -- plus a gritty, never-give-up style -- will do that, especially in Chicago. But after Wednesday's 6-2 rout of the Buffalo Sabres, Shaw's profile took off via Twitter.

Shaw, who before Wednesday's game told me his phone kept going off because of new followers, trended on Twitter via #ShawFacts, becoming a Chuck Norris-like legend.

Here are mine and some of my favorites from #ShawFacts late Wednesday night:

@adamjahns: Andrew Shaw first showed Tim Tebow how to "Tebow" #ShawFacts

@adamjahns: Roberto Luongo pumped Andrew Shaw's tires a month ago. #ShawFacts

@adamjahns Last one: MLB has ruled that Andrew Shaw will decide the compensation the Red Sox receive from the Cubs for Theo. #ShawFacts

@A_Zordani: Andrew Shaw used wikipedia today. #ShawFacts

@hockeenight: Andrew Shaw puts Peggy on hold. #ShawFacts

@ChiSportsGal: Andrew Shaw broke the Manning retirement news to Rob Lowe. #Shawfacts

@jprutherford: Andrew Shaw has talked Oprah into coming back for a 26th season. #shawfacts

@fourthlinewing: Andrew Shaw peed in the Dead Sea, and it came back to life. #shawfacts

@ScottKingComedey: Andrew Shaw's favorite reality show is the @NHL starring Andrew Shaw. #ShawFacts

@chiguy8307: The Egg McMuffin is the Andrew Shaw of breakfast sandwiches. #ShawFacts

@sledgehammah: Waldo tries to find Shaw. #ShawFacts

@SouthSideZo: He once built a snowman out of rain. #ShawFacts

@mitchaustinkirk: The Dos Equis most interesting man in the world has a poster of Andrew Shaw in his bedroom. #ShawFacts

@JEldridge23: The Dos Equis man thinks Andrew Shaw is the most interesting man in the world. #ShawFacts

@jamiebreeze: Andrew Shaw knows where the Kane's puck from the Stanley Cup win is #shawfacts

@writer0076: Andrew Shaw would stay married to Kim Kardashian for 73 days. Because no one beats Andrew Shaw at anything, no matter how trivial #ShawFacts

@Jakrip: If Andrew Shaw blocks you on twitter you disappear. #ShawFacts

@srpuckman: Andrew Shaw beat up Chuck Norris, Jesus, and Chubacca at the same time. #shawfacts

@hawknut: Sharks have "Shaw Week" #ShawFacts

@The1Tab: Shaw watched #Blackhawks home games on TV in 2005 #ShawFacts

@MsHaleyx1491: When Andrew Shaw does pushups he's not pushing himself off the ground- he's moving the world. #ShawFacts

@Brett_Myhres: Andrew Shaw figured out Victoria's Secret. It wasn't too hard. She was dying to tell him and only him. #ShawFacts

@megatron_xx: #TimTebow prays to him. #ShawFacts

@One4theDagger: Andrew Shaw knows where Kim Johnsson is. #ShawFacts

@mjolmew: Physics is bound by the laws of Andrew Shaw. #ShawFacts

@LuvHawkey88: He can make orange juice out of apples. #ShawFacts @adamjahns

@BethanyGober: he once beat the sun in a staring contest. #shawfacts

@tbo41fan: Shaw doesnt Commit to the Indian, the Indian Commits to Shaw. #ShawFacts

@RunsWithHawks: Patrick Sharp thinks Andrew Shaw is handsome. #ShawFacts

@hockeenight: Nostradamus never saw Andrew Shaw coming. #ShawFacts

And finally from the man himself ...

@shawz15er: Andrew shaw loves chicago and doesn't want to leave #shawfact

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