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Before you go online and start checking out resorts on tripadvisor or pricing hotels on trivago, you might want to stop and think. Do you really want to get away with your new love? Do you really want to risk it? Some relationships just don’t travel very well. For a while, those were the kind Heather was specializing in. Heather met Dolan at her best friend’s wedding. They were both members of the wedding party. The four of them had a great summer together, and to cap it off Heather’s best friend invited them to go with them to Michigan … ]]> Tue, 25 Nov 2014 19:18:03 -0600 <![CDATA[ Gut instinct steers her wrong ]]> Lead story image

Gillian met Rory in high school. He was dating a friend of hers, but everyone knew he really liked her. He was always at her house, hanging around with her, her brothers, her mother, but he never asked her out. Gillian liked him, too, but figured he just wanted to be friends. When she got married, Rory cried at the wedding. He told friends (again) how much he loved her and that she was the only girl for him. But he wished her well and became friends with her husband, and as time passed, with her children, too. Over the … ]]> Tue, 25 Nov 2014 19:13:54 -0600 <![CDATA[ Couple started out young, but stuck together ]]> Lead story image

It was Friday night, and Callie and her girlfriend were at the mall buying jeans. Two really cute guys approached and said, “Wanna grab a pizza?” Derrick paired off with Callie and off they went. She was 18, he was 19. They started to date. Callie worked. Derrick went to community college. He played on the college baseball team. One day Callie’s parents saw Derrick’s picture on the sports page. He wasn’t playing for the college team, he was playing for the high school team. Derrick was really 16. Callie was furious. The only people who were more furious were … ]]> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:45:30 -0600 <![CDATA[ Dating rules from both sexes ]]> Lead story image

If only love came with an instruction book, like a Blu-ray. If only dating had a fixed set of rules, like driving. We’d all be so much better off. Here are some rules that you’ve learned, mostly the hard way. FROM WOMEN “Accept your man ready-made. Don’t even try to change him, it never works.” “If he says he’s not good enough for you, take his word for it and run. (He knows!)” “Never give or lend him more money than you’re prepared to lose forever.” “If he never talks about the future, there’s not going to be one.” “If … ]]> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:49:34 -0600 <![CDATA[ Is invitation to wedding a proposition? ]]> Lead story image

Dear Cheryl: My ex and I dated for a year before he ended our relationship two months ago. Since then, we’ve seen each other twice, both times to keep plans we had. In that time, I’ve moved back home to help my parents. Since I’ve moved, we’ve talked and texted regularly. I miss him. Here’s my problem: Before we broke up, he responded to a wedding invitation for both of us. He’s in the wedding party. It’s this weekend, six hours away. I didn’t think he’d want me to go, but last night he asked if he could fly me … ]]> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 22:08:15 -0600 <![CDATA[ ]]> Lead story image

Most blind dates turn out to be disasters, but every now and then ... SARAH: “I spent the first year I was separated from my husband going nowhere except with my kids. Finally, needing some adult conversation (I’m a special ed teacher), I went online looking to meet people. In June, I posted asking for a lunch companion. “A guy responded and we ended up agreeing to meet for dinner. He turned out to be one of the most fascinating people I have ever met! We walked around after dinner, sat on some steps and talked until the wee hours … ]]> Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:15:24 -0600 <![CDATA[ Flat tire, miserable date and true love ]]> Lead story image

Today we hear from DEVON and SUZANNE, who opine on the nature of love and runny noses . . . — DEVON: “Why is it that first loves die such a long, horrible death? I was 17 when we met; he was 20. We had a hot and heavy summer romance, then he went to back to school. He invited me down for a weekend, then called at 2 in the morning and told me not to come. He said he’d come up instead. I knew something was wrong. He had met another girl. When he walked into my house, … ]]> Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:30:05 -0600 <![CDATA[ Single folks: All you need is one good pickup line ]]> Lead story image

Ivy has been on the receiving end of some of the absolute worst lines ever. And also the single best one ever spoken. ]]> Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:42:00 -0600 <![CDATA[ When opposites attract and it works ]]> Lead story image

“Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Demi Moore?” When Chelsea heard that line, she just about lost it. She was at a singles dance, an experience she found slightly more revolting than a freshman mixer. But Chelsea had just moved to the city, where she didn’t know a soul, so when she saw an ad for the party she went with the highest of hopes. She was so disappointed. One clod after another crossed her path. When she heard the “Demi Moore” line, she was ready to say, “Stuff it,” grab her coat and leave. But she … ]]> Wed, 04 Jun 2014 15:16:00 -0600 <![CDATA[ Tales from the Front: When shopping, you never know what’s in store ]]> Lead story image

Next time you’re shopping in a department store, look around you. You’re standing in the middle of 21st century “Peyton Place”! Mattie was a salesperson in men’s fragrances. She and a group of employees, men and women, would hang out together. They had lunch together, went on breaks together, made plans for after-work and weekends. Connor, her boss, was part of the group. After several of these friendly get-togethers, he made it clear that he’d like to be more than just friends. Mattie made it just as clear that she didn’t want to get involved. She had already had some … ]]> Tue, 03 Jun 2014 21:54:00 -0600 <![CDATA[ Tales from the Front: He got quite an education in night school ]]> Lead story image

You can learn a lot in night school. Luke learned what not to do — never, ever — when you meet someone you like. Luke was immediately attracted to Brinn, another student in his adult education class. He says she had “a wholesome Irish face, intelligence, no apparent emotional baggage and a positive attitude.” Still, he waited till the last week of class to invite her for coffee. “We talked for an hour,” says Luke. The next night he called and asked her out. Sorry. She was going out of town during spring vacation. When she returned, flowers were waiting … ]]> Mon, 02 Jun 2014 21:08:20 -0600 <![CDATA[ Tales from the Front: They do bring her flowers ]]> Lead story image

There are flowers and there are flowers. And the day that Riley got a dozen long-stemmed red roses from Cody with a card saying “Just because I love you,” and from Arnie a pathetic bunch of semi-wilted grocery store carnations, she realized there are men and there are men. Riley was fixed up with Arnie, a divorced dad with custody of his two kids. “I liked him,” says Riley. “He seemed intelligent. We went to different kinds of places and did unusual things, but his emotional highs and lows and his temper really started to eat at me. “And he … ]]> Mon, 02 Jun 2014 21:08:35 -0600