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Guns and safety

Updated: February 18, 2014 6:28AM

It should surprise no one that Downstate rural counties are leading in per-capita applications for concealed-carry permits. Those counties are full of wild animals that might attack at any moment! Plus, bad people from big cities occasionally pass through in cars, buses and trains; they might get off and start a crime spree, which only concealed carry of deadly handguns can prevent!

Or maybe these rubes have just swallowed, hook line and sinker, the NRA’s paranoid propaganda about the necessity for handguns?

Please do a follow-up story in a year documenting the increase in accidental shootings, suicides and unnecessary violence that actual scientific research has proven to correlate with handgun ownership.

Bill Savage, Rogers Park

Safety first

In the concealed-carry article in Thursday’s Sun-Times, you show a picture of someone pulling a pistol from their pocket. This person has their index finger on the trigger, which violates the No.1 rule of gun safety. You never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon.

John Bachtler, Joliet

City stickers and Beanie Babies

Funny how a 76-year-old woman was responsible to the city of Chicago for a $200 fine for allegedly not displaying a city sticker, yet billionaire Ty Warner was spared a prison sentence for “illegally hiding more than $100 million from the Internal Revenue Service.” How crazy is that?

Susan Motley, Dunning

Right step by archdiocese

The announcement by the Archdiocese of Chicago that it is releasing files on clergy sex abuse is a welcome step in the right direction and one that will have a profound impact on many lives. It hopefully will bring comfort and healing to the survivors of clergy sex abuse, both in Chicago and elsewhere. Rather than remaining focused on repercussions, however, we should take this as an opportunity to talk about what each of us can do to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring in the first place.

By playing a role in the lives of children we know, we can work to create the type of experiences and environments that are proven to prevent child sexual abuse. We encourage everyone to learn more about the protective factors for child sexual abuse and to work in their communities and schools to promote the types of programs and education that increase them.

One simple example is to advocate for funding that establishes quality pre- and post-school programs, as well as background checks, training for the volunteers or staff involved with children, and minimizing 1-1 time between adults and children.

James M. Hmurovich,

president and CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America

Put fracking to vote

Got a problem with fracking? Do what we did in four Colorado communities [three of which rejected fracking]. Put it on the ballot. From progressive Boulder, a farm community and even ultra-conservative suburban Broomfield, it was no fracking in Colorado.

Kevin Sampson, Denver

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