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‘Dishonesty and deceit’ in Chicago City Council

Updated: February 17, 2014 8:37AM

I nearly spit my coffee out laughing so hard when I read the words of Ald. Leslie Hairston that Chase has violated the “city code” by admitting dishonesty and deceit and she wants the city to stop doing business with them. [“Alderman wants city to dump Chase,” Jan. 15].

Dishonesty and deceit is the city code especially for aldermen. Chase should be put on the preferred vendor list. At least they admitted it.

Jim Niemiec, Orland Hills

Spreading the word on Iran

Great work on your editorial about our relationship with Iran! [“Back off new Iran sanctions,” Jan. 15.] Keep it up. People need to hear this stuff.

Tony Galati, Lemont

Roger Simon’s a hypocrite

Roger Simon is an incredible hypocrite and repeatedly “falls short” of any semblance of non-partisanship; heck he even refuses to provide his email address so he can avoid receiving the feedback and commentary he deserves.

I’m no supporter of Christie, but Wednesday’s piece [“Four ways Christie story falls short,” Jan. 15], however accurate it may turn out to be, might have been easier to read if Mr. Simon used the same criteria to judge all politicos a la Steve Huntley.

I wish he could find a column or 20 where he can re-use some of his priceless phraseology (which is spot-on descriptive of Mr. Obama, e.g., “ignorance is not much of an excuse in presidential politics” think IRS, Benghazi, fast and furious, etc., or “Is this man delusional or deceptive? What a choice.” Think Obamacare, etc.).

Mr. Simon is a consistent and ardent critic of conservatives and libertarians, but a lapdog for Mr. Obama and his cronies and compatriots in Illinois and progressive politics; is it any wonder this place is a crony capitalism cesspool with the worst state and local deficits and/or credit ratings in the country. The band-aid put on the pension crisis is only that; bankruptcy is the answer… government should not be a jobs program and taxpayers should not have to watch as elected officials and other government workers skate by on criminal conduct while double- and triple-dipping their way into six-figure pensions while the average worker is hoping that Social Security will still be there for them.

Clyde D. Cady, Portage Park

If pope dislikes capitalists, return the donations

I continue to find it interesting that Pope Francis continues to remain critical of capitalism.

Irrespective of the fact that this pope as well as previous popes for generations have lived in an ivory tower complete with servants and multiple bodyguards, this honorable man must have forgotten that it was the continuous generations of capitalists, in conjunction with their employees, no matter the conditions in which they worked, as well as dictators, and criminals who donated trillions to the Catholic Church for centuries in order that a Pope would bless each soul and wash their sins away — until the next visit.

Since the Pope is critical of a capitalistic form of government, the Pope could alleviate this thorn in his side by demanding said capitalists halt donations to his nonprofit structures and schools as well as have his J.D.’s & CPA’s determine a way to reimburse those capitalists and their families who have made contributions over the past 50 years. Obviously, this shall never occur due to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is identical to all free enterprise, it requires a continuous stream of money in order to continue to prosper and then has the opportunity to advance direction to the masses without hesitation and without the realization that without the capitalistic influx of cash, the Pope would soon be genuflecting to Allah.

William Kaper Jr., Barrington

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