Weather Updates

Suspend mail delivery in extreme cold

Updated: February 8, 2014 6:15AM

Because the weather is bitter cold, mail delivery should be suspended for residences. Mail carriers should not be out in the cold all day. Inside work should be found for them until the weather is not below zero. People have been advised to stay inside. Mail carriers should not be an exception.

Lorraine Buehler, Montclare

Keeping roads safe

We may be known for electing some of the most corrupt leaders of government, but we can all be proud of having the safest roads in the country due to the relentless efforts of the State Toll Highway Authority and state snow truck operators and the Minute Men who constantly patrol and assist those in need. Kudos, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being there when we’re in need.

John R. Menton, Park Ridge

Sanchez not fit for County Board

Convicted felon, former city official and current Cook County Board candidate Al Sanchez asks, in the Jan. 5 Sun Times, how he “violated the public trust” when he was convicted of devising and participating in a scheme to defraud applicants for city of Chicago jobs by rigging the job process to deny jobs to qualified applicants. He claims to be an innocent victim who just happened to get caught being a crook.

In fact Sanchez knowingly violated employment laws and court orders, including the well-know Shakman decree, in criminally fixing hiring practices to hire political hacks. The Shakman decree is intended to protect the public from this type of political corruption. Sanchez knows exactly what he did and that he defrauded many innocent job applicants. He can’t claim now to not understand how he “violated the public trust.”

Sanchez wants to represent the 4th District on the Cook County Board because he thinks he was such an outstanding city official. Felons with a history of defrauding the public do not deserve to be elected to any office. The people of the 4th District deserve better than another convicted felon after William Beavers vacated the office last year upon his conviction.

Commissioner Stanley Moore was appointed after the Beavers’ conviction and he has represented the 4th District with integrity, energy and distinction.

As a member of the Cook County Board I am proud of the role I played in modifying our hiring process through the Shakman decree. Today all applicants for county jobs have a fair and equal opportunity to be hired and serve our citizens. The current county president and board have established a high ethical standard for hiring fairness. We have reformed the bad politics and government of the past. The County Board does not need a convicted felon whose history is one of dishonesty and corruption to tamper with this solid reform.

Larry Suffredin,Cook County commissioner

NSA can go too far

Gene Lyons’ Jan. 4 guest column is paranoid about “traitor” Edward Snowden “handing over his secrets to China.” (He didn’t.) But he’s touchingly trusting of the NSA: “Unless you don’t want your government . . . preventing mass casualty strikes, most of what the NSA does appears both necessary and inevitable.”

How about spying abroad for U.S. corporations? Handing over evidence to drug-war agencies that illegally conceal its source from the defendant? Spying on liberal protesters and video gamers? Even the Republican author of the Patriot Act is outraged — but Lyons isn’t.

Lyons jokes that we’re all tracked by the GPS in our phones, but we can always just shut them off. Surprise, Mr. Lyons: The NSA can take over your phone, too. It can even watch you through its camera. And, yes, it can track you even when your phone’s shut off, because the battery keeps working. What’s more, the NSA has handed over all these helpful techniques to local Barney Fifes nationwide so they can peep on you, too. Feeling more secure against terror yet? Gosh, me too.

Tony Sterbenc, Barrington

Higgins gets it

I love Jack Higgins. He is a breath of fresh air in a newspaper full of negative stories. And when letter writers complain they were offended for some trivial matter, I laugh and think he must be doing something right. He is usually spot on in his satire, and he holds no political agenda, attacking both Democrats and Republicans alike. President Barack Obama is his latest favorite target and for good reason. These whiners need to take a chill pill and get a grip; after all it’s just a cartoon.

Scot Sinclair, Gurnee

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