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More cops at night

Updated: November 5, 2013 6:25AM

As I drive in the early morning hours down 95th to 114th in the Roseland area, I see three to four police officers on the corners of the schools in the area. Why not take two to three of those police officers and put them on the same corners at night? The gangbangers and thugs come out at night and sleep during the day.

Mabel Pope, Washington Heights

Governmental dysfunction

Our federal government cannot function in the interests of all Americans when one of the two major parties is committed to governmental dysfunction in order to ensure that the Obama presidency fails in every aspect of what we voters elected him by a comfortable margin to do.

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

Triumph of capitalism

Jack Higgins and other right-wingers are having their fun with the initial problems affecting the health care exchanges, but in this high-tech era, startup “glitches” are par for the course. Think Boeing’s Dreamliner. The real news about the Affordable Care Act is that the government has created a competitive health insurance marketplace with enough consumer protections built in so that buyers can know with some certainty what they’re getting for their money. And one in which all the major private health insurance suppliers seem to be energetically participating. As I learned it would in Economics 101, the resulting price competition is lowering rates. A triumph of capitalism.

Thomas W. Evans. Mundelein

What’s not to like?

The main provisions of the Affordable Care Act:

† Require insurance companies to cover Americans with pre-existing conditions.

† Require insurance companies to justify excessive rate increases to American policyholders.

† Prohibit insurance companies from collecting thousands of dollars in premiums from Americans after approving their initial application only to refuse to pay medical bills because of inaccuracies or omissions on that same initial application the insurance company had APPROVED.

† Requires all insurance companies to publish their rates so Americans can compare them with each other.

† Requires insurance companies to spend 80 percent of American’s health insurance premiums on their ... health.

† Cover hundreds of thousands of Americans who were uninsured prior to ObamaCare.

Why, exactly, is the Affordable Care Act so bad for Americans?

Melvin McGahey, Morris

Listen to the majorities

To John Boehner, Republican speaker of the house, his Tea Party zealots, and the rest of his congressional sheep:

You all claim claim to be responding to the wishes and needs of the public. So how about the distinct majority who have indicated they are against shutting down the

government in your attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act. Or the distinct majority who support a background check when attempting to purchase a gun.

When one considers the above, in addition to your stand on women’s rights, feeding the hungry, immigration reform, and climate change, and your zero contribution to plans for increasing jobs, I

can only say: “With advocates like you, who needs enemies?”

Arnold Shkolnik, Lincoln Park

Politically correct policies

President Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago had a recent violent shooting episode in a neighborhood park. It is more than coincidence that Obama’s liberal, politically correct policies have contributed to a violent shooting episode in the Washington Navy Yard.

Mary Cvack, Tinley Park

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