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City could use State Police help

Updated: October 28, 2013 7:08AM

This is no time for Mayor Rahm Emanuel or the police chief to feel threatened by Gov. Pat Quinn’s offer of State Police. At this point, we need the help. I welcome the State Police if they can help make our communities safer. Stop the irrational competition. If you want our communites to work together, lead by example. The city is part of the state.

Janette Lopez, Belmont/Cragin

Tea Party’s bad priorities

The American rebels destroyed tea in Boston Harbor to protest British taxes, but our new Tea Party seems intent on trashing our nation’s reputation for always paying its debt just to make their extreme point. Anarchy is easy. This governing by tantrums is alarming.

Karen Kennedy, Winnetka

Washington isn’t savvy-enough shopper

In her column on Monday, Laura Washington wrote about feeding oneself on $35 a week and complained about the bad diet that would entail. I gotta ask, where does Ms. Washington shop. Where I live in Chicago, by taking advantage of better pricing on different items at different stores, I can purchase the following with $35 in SNAP bennies (prices are rounded):

1 box spaghetti noodles — $4

1 dozen eggs — $3

4 lbs chicken leg/thigh quarters — $5

1.5 lbs ground beef — $5

1 loaf wheat bread — $2

1 jar spaghetti sauce — $3

1 bag of mixed peas/carrots and 1 bag of broccoli — $5

1 large container of yogurt — $4

1 small box chicken boullion — $1

5 lbs bananas — $2

1 Onion — $1

Total — $35

You can make spaghetti and mix in some ground beef. You can use the spaghetti noodles to make chicken noodle soup. The large $4 box of noodles and the boullion will last at least two weeks, so the following week you’d have an extra $5 to spend on groceries. It isn’t easy to get by on $35/week, but if you shop smart it can be done. I know, because I’ve done it.

Gerald Shinn, Pilsen

Return TIF cash to rightful recipients

Your article “Building Boom” makes it clear to me that TIFS are a scam that take taxes paid by all us people for use in the form of books, materials, and programs employing personnel and giving it to construction companies. That is the purpose also of the appointed boards: To keep construction companies getting the taxes for their benefit since they are run by relatives and cronies of the politicians taking the funds from use for our benefit and giving it to developers and builders who then in turn give some back to politicians whether in cash or kind. It is another way of squeezing us turnips for the benefit of those in power. All the TIF money should be returned to the schools and libraries, and unneeded buildings like hotels and stadiums should be canceled. We should find someone who will do that as mayor even if the “Democratic” leaders do not want it.

Carlene Blumenthal, Jefferson Park

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