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Violent gang war means mayor needs to call in the troops

Updated: October 26, 2013 6:29AM

Wake up, Mr. Mayor. You do need the National Guard because there is a war going on — a gang war. Please swallow your pride and get some help. People are dying on South and West Side battlefields.

Jan Alex, Lake View East

‘Cure’ worse than the disease

The radical fringe of the Republican Party argues that ObamaCare must be stopped to protect our economy and so it proposes to shut down the entire government and default on our debt payments, actions that most certainly will lower our nation’s credit rating and put people out of work, destroying our nation’s economic recovery. What a bunch of wild and crazy guys.

David Schulz, Downers Grove

GOP afraid we’ll like ObamaCare

The idea of requiring Americans to buy health insurance was supported long ago by the conservative Heritage Foundation and by many Republicans. Of course, many Republicans oppose anything that President Barack Obama supports. But ObamaCare — this effort to make high-quality health care affordable for all Americans — is ideologically offensive to many Republicans. It combines the individual mandate, subsidies and higher taxes on the wealthy. And it interferes with business and with the profits of the health care and insurance industries.

Conservative Republicans vehemently opposed Social Security and Medicare at their inception, calling them “socialism.” But those programs have become so popular that today’s conservative Republicans are stuck having to talk about “saving” Social Security and Medicare. They are afraid the same thing will happen with ObamaCare.

If the American people get to experience the many benefits ObamaCare offers, they will almost certainly demand that we keep all the good parts and fix the many inevitable problems (just as we fixed the many early problems with Medicare).

David J. Roberts

Associate Professor of Accountancy

DePaul University

President’s promise being broken

In her Sept. 20 article, “Employers shifting costs to avoid ObamaCare ‘Cadillac tax’”, Francine Knowles explores the impact of the ObamaCare excise tax on the most generous employer-sponsored health plans. She reports that, due to the 40 percent excise tax on the most-generous health plans, employers may move their employees from the employer plans onto private health care exchanges and the ObamaCare healthcare exchanges.

This is yet another example of how the president’s promise that “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” is being broken. The unfortunate reality is that only a lucky few can keep their health plan. Clearly, this is not what they were promised. According to a recent Towers Watson survey of 420 employers across the country, 40 percent of mid- and large-sized companies will be changing their health plan designs for 2014. In this case, “change” means that these companies will be offering less-generous coverage. In response to increased costs, many employers will also be dropping spousal coverage or reducing subsidies for that coverage. In addition, 44 percent of employers are planning to drop employer-sponsored coverage for retirees age 65 and older by 2015.

Multiple implementation delays, including the requirement that health insurance companies to cap out-of-pocket spending for consumers who purchase insurance through the health care exchange, provide additional examples of how ObamaCare fails to deliver on its promised goals. The fact that many Americans won’t be able to keep their health insurance is just one more reason why ObamaCare should be repealed.

Naomi Lopez-Bauman , Illinois Policy Institute

Huntley never sees other side

Steve Huntley’s comments on Palestinians conveys an abundance of ignorance, outright lies and lack of fact-checking by the editor.

In a column last week, Huntley detailed with much venom how the Oslo Accords failed and exposed Yasir Arafat as a leader who didn’t want peace, but wanted to conduct genocide on Israelis.

First, the Oslo accords fell apart after Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Israeli terrorist. Rabin and Arafat had agreed to all the issues concerning creation of a Palestinian state. Among them were Israeli access to the Jordan River valley for defense, the connecting safe passages between the Gaza Strip and West Bank areas, a demilitarized Palestinian state, and trading areas around Jerusalem for land connected to the Gaza Strip. Palestinians had already renounced their so-called mantra to drive the Jews into the sea, and the personal relationship between Rabin and Arafat was trusting and blossoming.

Once Rabin was assassinated, Benjamin Netanyahu soon became prime minister, and immediately stated he would not honor the agreements between Rabin and Arafat. President Clinton, instead of calling out Netanyahu for this outrageous statement, coddled him by renegotiating the agreements at Rye River in New York. But Netanyahu had a different agenda; he was focused on gaining the release of Jonathan Pollard, the American Jew who is spending a life term for stealing classified information from the United States and giving it to Israel. Additionally, Netanyahu, upon his retun to Israel, stated he would not abide by even the new agreement he had hammered out at Rye.

The so-called generous offer that Israel made to Arafat by Prime Minister Ehud Barak was not generous at all, mainly due to the American negotiators headed by Dennis Ross and largely American Jews, who pushed Arafat to remove Palestinian right of return and a shared Jerusalem from the agreement. Arafat refused, and was blamed for the breakdown in talks. Only one American negotiator had the guts to call out Ross, Robert Malley, himself a Jew, albeit an honest assessor of the negotiations. Malley described the American negotiators as more tough on Arafat than even the Israelis. Only one negotiator was an American Arab, the vast majority of the negotiators were Jewish Americans.

Huntley often describes the continued colonization of Palestinian lands as “disputed land.” If Huntley wants to take such an ignorant stance on privately held lands, then he must also state that Israel itself is disputed land. Huntley never states how so-called Jewish settlers riot in Arab villages, destroying farms and businesses without being arrested by Israel. That is exactly state-sponsored terrorism. The sooner Americans study this history, and how Israel is colonizing the West Bank area, the more responsible our government will be in forcing Isael either to stop and retreat, or grant all Palestinians Israeli citizenship.

Steve Huntley never sees another side, his is strictly an Alice in Wonderland Israel versus the evil Arabs.

Jim Ally, Evanston

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