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Who should replace Alex Clifford?

Updated: September 7, 2013 6:13AM

Given its recent scandal, it is clear that Metra needs a reformer, someone who can stand up to the special interests and dirty politics that suffocate Illinois government. Someone principled. Someone whose only interest is serving Metra riders and commuters. A fiscal steward with experience running a large public transportation company. Perhaps someone vetted by a specialized private search firm. Someone who maybe was an elected official himself, so he won’t blink when standing up to other elected officials.

So who could meet all these requirements? His name is Alex Clifford. He already has shown the necessary rugged independence to change things. So instead of the new Metra board searching for a replacement for Clifford, it should rehire Clifford.

William Choslovsky, Lincoln Park

Income gap too hard to ignore

What is going on in this country? We can rebuild Iraq but we can’t rebuild Detroit? Detroit was once a booming town. Workers were able to make a decent living. Where are they now? We bailed out Wall Street, why can’t they help us now?

For some reason, Republicans don’t think we should raise taxes on the wealthy to increase revenue. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing. We wouldn’t have these economic problems if the wealthy paid their fair share. So who is to pay? Well, conservatives think the poor and middle class should pay. They say take away food stamps, meals on wheels, and Head Start. They say take away those huge pensions of teachers, police and firefighters even though they fund their own pensions. Welfare mothers didn’t create bank failures, or the downturn of our economy.

Cecile Powell, Huntley

The payoff is bigger than higher wages

A minimum wage upgrade makes sense, for people who work should receive at least $15 per hour for their skills. To say that they are not worth that minimal sum is degrading. A living wage will give people a sense of dignity. People will change jobs less often, so businesses don’t have to train as many people and spend more on products and services.

The current working poor should be given a chance to become the working elite with their heads held high. They will feel appreciated for their time spent on the job and perform it more willingly. They will be prompt and loyal to the company because they are being treated fairly. Remember, too, if employees make more they will spend more, enriching the economy.

Marie E. Roman, Tinley Park

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