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Pope misinterpreted on gays

Updated: September 3, 2013 6:59AM

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has not said to the Church and the world that it’s “OK to be gay.” What the pope has said — and is needed to be said — is that what a person is, psychologically and genetically, is what a person is. We have to address those realities in a pastoral, charitable, non-shaming way. Everyone of us is on a spiritual journey. Every spiritual community has its moral absolutes. If certain absolutes of certain communities are distasteful to you, then avoid those communities. And if certain communities find certain standards of morality distasteful, they have every right to distance themselves from such distasteful morality. Please quit trying to shove distasteful morality down people’s throats — whatever it is, and whomever it involves.

Bill Gaudry,

Oak Lawn

Action must be taken against legislators

In response to House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton suing Gov. Pat Quinn for suspending our legislators’ pay until they resolve the pension crisis: Every taxpaying citizen of Illinois should sue Madigan and Cullerton, and all the other self-serving legislators responsible for letting the rest of us twist in the wind.

Jean Scott, Irving Park

Good intentions have unintended consequences

Every spring and autumn, hundreds of thousands of migrating birds meet disaster in the blades of wind turbines. Everyday, birds of all types, even protected species such as bald eagles, become victims to the swirling blades.

A British newspaper recently printed an item about the sighting of a bird not seen in England in 22 years and thought to be extinct. Enthusiastic bird-watchers grabbed their binoculars and cameras and rushed to the English countryside just in time to see the rare bird get shredded by a wind turbine.

Environmentalists tout wind turbines as an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. Obviously, these lethal machines aren’t environmentally friendly to the large number of dead birds on the ground around them.

Donald Froelich, Mount Prospect

Show employers you’ve earned it

I watch people carrying signs and marching, demanding a higher minimum wage, but I don’t see them carrying signs telling employers they are willing to take on more responsibilities and work harder.

Richard Siska, Matteson

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