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Steinberg misses the point on race

Updated: September 1, 2013 6:26AM

I applaud Neil Steinberg for his courage in speaking on the issue of race [“Martin case distracted from real racial issues,” July 29]. To acknowledge that “Blacks didn’t create the situation they’re in” was admirable and suggestive that maybe he gets it. However, such hopes were quickly dashed by his resignation that “that’s the situation they have to come to grips with.” If Mr. Steinberg and others can’t see the direct connection between the historic atrocities visited upon blacks, the resulting impoverished conditions that many find themselves living under that leads to crime, and racial profiling, Stand Your Ground laws and Trayvon Martin, then indeed he most certainly doesn’t get it.

Alan King, Hyde Park

ID laws are oppressive

A Sun-Times reader advanced the false argument that voter ID laws stop illegal voters. A comprehensive study found that in-person voter impersonation fraud is virtually nonexistent. Evidence clearly does not support the need for voter ID laws. The real reason Republicans are enacting voter ID laws is to make it harder for poor people and students — mostly Democratic constituents — to vote. Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters and should be struck down by the courts

Dean Moulopoulos,


CTA’s missing emails

As per your article on July 30, you stated that emails were sent out to 100,000 customers with their cards registered. I have four Chicago Cards and one Chicago Card Plus, all registered to my email address, and haven’t received one email. False reporting, or CTA President Forrest Claypool doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

Thomas J. Hanahan III,

Wicker Park

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