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Casino plan isn’t fooling us

Updated: June 18, 2013 7:28AM

Casino plan isn’t fooling us

Regarding Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal for a casino specifically for education: I believe in the old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Put it in writing, Mr. Mayor, and don’t use invisible ink.

Norman De Dore, Garfield Ridge

Benghazi isn’t Whitewater

A Wednesday letter to the editor suggested that as with Whitewater in the 1990s, Republicans were trying to “create” a scandal out of Benghazi. It needs to be explained that Whitewater was a land deal gone bad and that Benghazi was a terrorist attack that had four Americans assassinated.

Tom Bernicky, Homer Glen

Shush those ads

It’s been more than four months since a government regulation went into effect that prohibits TV stations from increasing the volume when they air their commercials. Many of them are still increasing the volume. Why is this regulation not being enforced?

Ted Schwartz, Brookfield

Beware inflation

Inflation has been diabolically sneaking up on us through the food chain. Check the net content weights on your food labels; you may be in for a nasty surprise. A year or two ago, an individual serving of yogurt came in an eight-ounce carton. Now it comes in a six-ounce carton, but the cost is the same.

Donald Froelich, Mount Prospect

Fear-mongering letter

Peter Bensinger’s latest letter in the Sun Times echoes the usual fear mongering that opponents to medical cannabis have been saying for years: Our kids, streets and society will suffer if we allow sick people to have legal access to a plant. He and those who share his views never talk about how other countries such as Canada and Israel have medical cannabis and kids, streets and the social fabric in those countries don’t seem negatively impacted by it. They also never mention that the FDA approves pills that are often recalled and according to the Centers for Disease Control are the leading cause of overdose deaths in America. Nobody is dying from overdoses from cannabis, yet FDA-approved drugs are killing people everyday, and those drugs are found in medicine cabinets that kids have easy access to.

Dan Linn, East Village

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