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Pension reform bribe for judges

Updated: June 14, 2013 6:10AM

A bribe is considered an objectionable way of doing business. Yet, this is the tactic the leaders of the Illinois Legislature are using to pass through pension reform in the courts.

What is the bribe? The bribe is the exclusion of the judiciary from pension reduction. Judges have the highest pension of all state employees. Yet, they have been excluded from pension reform.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the tactic in this judiciary exclusion. What’s next?

George Vergara, Oak Park

Why tolerate such treatment of animals?

What kind of shelter are we providing for the 300 to 600 animals left in filthy cages, not being cleaned or fed properly?

They are trapped, lying in their own filth, no doubt scared and some sick.

What about the quality of life? Would it not be more humane to euthanize them? What exactly are we sheltering these poor creatures from? A life of neglect and abuse is no life!

Nora Lewis, Portage Park

Watch it, buster

If you enter your mother’s name in a contest for a makeover, aren’t you insulting her?

Barbara Vainer,

Chicago Ridge

Cullerton should just say no

Senate President John Cullerton is trying a bit of “showboating” with his attempt to corral the unions for their contributions and support, but he lacks the ability to just say no and create the best possible “fix” for a very real problem. As a former House member, he knows the power of the Democratic Party chairman. Why lay the groundwork for war between the House and Senate?

Former state Rep. Ted E. Leverenz

Democratic double standard

Seeing President Obama and four former presidents at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas reminded me of the media and Democrats harping at Bush (43rd) because he hadn’t vetoed any legislation during his presidency.

Query: How many pieces of legislation has Obama vetoed? Hello, media and Democrats.

Dennis M. Dohm,

Oak Lawn

Failure to communicate

Just think about us, human beings, then and now. We were nursed, had human contact because of the absence of soap operas and cellphones. Our parents spoke to us, changed us into cloth diapers, we ate organic, natural food, etc.

Take a baby growing up now. First you are placed in a crib with no blanket, pillow or even a toy. There is some kind of contraption on both sides, so the baby has to stay on his/her back, and there’s an overhead lamp in the baby’s eyes with a toy dangling inches from his/her face. And it seems parents and caregivers rarely communicate with newborns, often too distracted by cellphones and computers.

When kids are older, in the playground 3 or 4 year olds often find a friendly grandma to talk to or show their toys. Back in the buggy, communication is again lost with adults wearing earphones.

Aida M. Arita, Chicago

Work collectively for change

How long do we accept the killing in our communities caused by so many young murderers?

Why aren’t we demanding harsher penalties for the perpetrators to deter them?

Why did our aldermen not vote on banning the disgusting habit of youth showing their underwear, disrespecting themselves and others?

And why can’t we propose laws to enforce going to school until the age of 16 at least?

Why are our most vocal “preachers” not speaking out about crime and punishment courageously demanding just punishment as needed, knowing that sparing the rod spoils the child?

It takes a village to raise a child and keeping this in mind, working collectively together a change will come.

Laurie Johnson, Grand Boulevard

Stop blaming Republicans on immigration

Come on, must you be so partisan? 2007 was a significant year in an attempt for immigration reform by President George Bush and the only problem with that bill (with the Democrats) was that it was presented and pushed by a Republican president. Those illegals could apply and get a six- or eight-year Z visa (new type) with one restriction: his/her employer had to advertise for six months for employment and if no results, the illegal could be hired and receive an eight-year temporary legal status. After eight years a path became available for citizenship or the illegal could continue on a legal Z visa, but the Democrats chose not to support a Republican bill because it “tracked this illegal everywhere.” That would violate their civil rights. You know it was very uncomplicated and might have just worked; please tell the truth. Democrats chose to not support it! Stop blaming the Republicans!

Rick Weber, River North

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