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Schools are closing, deal with it

Updated: May 30, 2013 2:13PM

Why wasn’t little Asean Johnson in school instead of at the Board of Education meeting? I guess his parent thought it was cute to have him speak, but I don’t think so. The parents should face the fact that the schools are closing and focus on establishing safe and secure school routes for their children. Argue about that at the meetings.

Hortense Edwards, Hyde Park

Strong stand for mental health care

We want to sincerely thank our state senators for strongly supporting an effort to put mental-health patients first in Illinois by allowing specially trained psychologists to prescribe medications and better meet their needs. The state Senate voted 37-10 for Senate Bill 2187, which would grant the prescribing authority and now heads over to the House. These senators stood up to intense criticism from some psychiatrists and physicians.

We wouldn’t be here without the leadership of Sen. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park.) He was initially a skeptic of this bill, but after studying it he made clear that he views it as a sensible way to address an acute and growing mental health-care access crisis in Illinois. Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) also is a key supporter. We hope the Senate’s bipartisan support sends a strong message: prescribing authority for psychologists can and will work well in Illinois. The detailed requirements in this bill will ensure psychologists have the training and expertise they need to provide, and take patients off of, psychotropic medications, based on individual patient needs. And the latest version provides a new level of cooperation whereby physicians and psychologists will work closely together to ensure patients receive the best of mental health care.

We greatly appreciate the attention Senate Bill 2187 has received and hope it will serve to move forward a very important conversation in Illinois about how we provide mental health care.

Beth N. Rom-Rymer, Ph.D.

President-elect, Illinois Psychological Association

Patricia Farrell, Ph.D.

President, Illinois Psychological Association

Terrence Koller, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Illinois Psychological Association

Questionable fashion trends

The film “42” about the legendary, civilized Jackie Robinson may be why there have been recent discussions about baseball caps and our present generations. Some of the questions and observations included: Why do people wear baseball caps backward or sometimes to the side? Does anyone actually think that doing so looks attractive, even sexy? And if so, to whom? How and when did these styles’ affectations originate? Is it a boy, girl thing? It seems that fewer women are into it. Some suggest it helps deal with unwashed hair.

Does anyone have a sense of how they are perceived when wearing caps that way, especially when they are indoors? One can only be grateful that the movie didn’t deal with flip flops and cargo pants. Perhaps that treatment will emerge from a sequel.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

Miller wrong on DuPage

I must take issue with Rich Miller’s Friday column about why “rock-ribbed conservative” DuPage is changing.

We do not elect politicians due to their pro-gay or anti-gay beliefs. We are more concerned with an overspending government, corruption, the loss of tax dollars given away to noncitizens and abuses of our tax dollars by welfare-EBT-Medicaid-Medicare recipients and doctors. However, most of us are churchgoing Christians who also, yes, believe in the traditional family unit.

The reason DuPage County has recently “converted” to Democrat voters is only because of the recently gerrymandered redistricting of our county. The Democratic Machine politicians have have re-mapped, and split up our county into six sections with their slimy tentacles reaching into our suburbs.

Kathy Sleckman, Glen Ellyn

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