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Blacks not disappearing from baseball

Updated: May 29, 2013 7:34AM

The popularity of “42,” the film dealing with Jackie Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color line, has unfortunately energized chatter about the supposed dwindling number of black players in Major League Baseball. In truth, there are arguably more blacks playing professional baseball than ever before. To be sure, an increasing number of black ballplayers are not native to the United States, but this does not render them any less “black” than indigenous players of African ancestry. The black diaspora engendered by the trans-Atlantic slave trade populated various areas of the Western hemisphere, not just the United States. All of the whining and blubbering about blacks vanishing from the national pastime is a non-issue that should be tossed in the trash bin faster than you can say “Jackie Robinson.”

Samuel C. Small, Chicago

Quit doing NRA’s bidding

I’m sick and tired of our lawmakers giving in to the gun lobby when most NRA members as well as the majority of Americans are in favor of background checks. Shame on you! We will remember you on Election Day.

Marge Wendt, Grayslake

Another Obama boondoggle

After the massive Solyndra failure by the Obama administration, now comes word that another green energy manufacturer that received government money may go belly up as well. Fisker Automotive electric cars are cool, and they are electric. But most people will never be able afford its $100,000 luxury sports car.

What the president has not learned is that the money to spark green energy growth is going into the wrong hands. After working for a solar installation company for three years, I know firsthand that average-income homeowners cannot afford to go green. I’ve seen the look on their faces go from excitement to despair when you tell them how much it would cost them to put solar panels on their houses. If you took the money given to those two companies and invested it into the consumer rather than the manufacturer, it would spur growth on a more domestic level. Forty thousand U.S. homes could have a 5-kilowatt solar energy system on their house for that wasted money. That’s 800,000 kilowatts per hour off the grid. That is also the cost of 25,000 Chevy Volts, a car that was developed without government handouts and is actually affordable when compared with the Fisker Karma.

Scott Sinclair,


CPS needs to adapt

I grew up in Chicago and easily walked the two blocks to my 48-students-per-classroom neighborhood school. I would want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from such an enjoyable experience. The CPS should think outside the box and adapt to changing demographics by converting unneeded parts of neighborhood schools into subsidized rental residences for teachers or qualified retired people who agreed to provide on-site after-hour services to the students. I urge Chicago to give it a try.

Steven C. Harris, Oak Park

Bush library is a joke

The George Bush Library. What an oxymoron. Will there be comic books?

John Hadley, La Grange

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