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Concealed carry

Updated: May 23, 2013 6:14AM

The way I understand it, a federal court struck down a prohibition against citizens carrying concealed firearms in Illinois, and the court gave the state until June 9 to institute a law that would give some conformity to this newly restored right. The failure of a concealed carry gun bill to be approved by the Legislature won’t mean citizens can’t carry firearms; it will mean the Legislature could lose its opportunity to set the guidelines. This restores to citizens their right to carry firearms whereever they go, even in Chicago. Illinois still must obey the court’s ruling.

Thomas E. Latham, Merrillville, Ind.

Black and white issue

Laura Washington asked in her column last week, “Where are the blacks in baseball?” I am also black, but my question to you is, “Where are the whites in basketball?”

Kaleisha Patterson, East Side

Apples and oranges

In response to Steve Zahareas’ letter on Friday, titled “Now ban pressure cookers and batteries.” Does he know that pressures cookers are designed to cook food and batteries are designed to provide a power source? Then he should also know that guns are designed to kill and have no other purpose.

Karen Love, West Chatham

The real problem

There is not a single law-abiding gun owner anywhere in America who doesn’t want the senseless gun violence to stop! Yet, our political leaders illuminate their recent defeat of the Gun Safety and Second Amendment Rights Act by resorting to name-calling and ranting. The real the problem is they do not want to stop the violence. If their goals were to stop it, they would find a way to collaborate with gun owners. They would work to find innovative and effective ways to identify and treat the mentally ill and to prevent them from having access to firearms. They would admit to the many societal failures and the resultant violence that breeds from despair. They would find ways to stop the drug-fueled violence wrought by gangs. Since they do none of this, I can only conclude they don’t want the violence to end and that truth leaves me simply disgusted.

Richard Morton, Burr Ridge

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