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Enact responsible gun laws

Karie Angell Luc~for Sun-Times Media

Karie Angell Luc~for Sun-Times Media

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Updated: May 11, 2013 6:25AM

On Thursday morning, I and members of my church will join with Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and countless others to travel to Springfield to lobby and rally for responsible gun legislation that demands background checks, closing loopholes of private sales and lost or stolen guns, as well as demanding a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

It is both disturbing and unacceptable to me that Connecticut legislators had the conscience and courage to respond to the killing of their babies in Newtown by passing strong gun legislation while Illinois legislators have continued to do nothing!

Twenty babies in Connecticut murdered and the legislators of Connecticut respond. In Chicago, 806 children and young people were murdered in the last six years, and Illinois continues to do nothing. I can’t help but wonder if Illinois’ lack of action is not just the power of the NRA, but because the victims in Illinois are mostly black and brown?

Rev. Michael L. Pfleger,

Faith Community of St. Sabina

We still use the mail

To answer Steve Huntley’s March 26 question: The last time I wrote a letter was just now. The last I time I paid a bill (several) by mail was yesterday. The last time I filed a tax return (two) by mail was last month. The last time I banked by mail was last month. The last time I was “hacked into” or my identity threatened by mail — never!

P.S. I just mailed a birthday card as well.

Robert Bacon, Rogers Park

U.S. is hypocritical on Cuba

The controversy raised by two Republican House representatives over the trip to Cuba by Jay-Z and Beyonce is another example of the hypocrisy of the American government. We have had an embargo against Cuba for over 50 years, restricting trade and travel. China, on the other hand, has a human-rights record worst than Cuba’s. China killed thousands of Americans in the Korean War, yet enjoys a very high trade status with the United States. I guess all the money to be made from the huge Chinese market by the American corporate elite, who always vote Republican, is why we still have an embargo in place against Cuba.

Charles McGhee, University Park

Hire teachers, keep schools open

Children can learn in any type of facility. As a former Chicago Public School teacher, I have seen children learn in many locations, including regular classrooms, makeshift areas from coat rooms, auditorium balconies, etc. The key to learning was the teacher, not where the student was sitting. Class size was also a significant factor. Instead of complaining about under utilized facilities and moving children out of their neighborhood schools, USE WHAT WE HAVE. Hire more teachers and cut the class size in half in the buildings that are scheduled for closing. The children will learn faster, they will learn more, the scores will go up, and the discipline problems will decrease. The funds that are designated for moving and safety could be used to hire more teachers. The only children who should be moved are those who are in unsafe buildings, and if the building is not safe the children should not be in them today. The Chicago Public Schools used to say “THINK CHILDREN” Let’s open our minds and think about other ways to make things better without moving children farther from their homes and family.

David Avadek, Brighton Park

Goodbye, Roger

The projector is turned off. The film reel is stationary. The room is quiet. The popcorn bag is empty. The lights are off. Mr. Ebert has left the room.

Kenneth Zim, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Column makes false claim

Laura Washington’s Monday column reeks of hypocrisy. She refers to Cardinal Francis George as an enemy of same sex marriage rather than a defender of traditional marriage. Some columnists tend to label conservatives as uncaring individuals who live in the past. She makes the false claim that religious leaders want to exclude an entire group of people based on whom they love. Her hypocrisy claiming to be a Christian is breathtaking. How can she be critical of others without first removing the beam from her own eyes?

Donald Nauyokas, Chicago

Columnist is wrong

Laura Washington is wrong when she states that the ministers and the cardinal are hypocrites because they oppose legislation that would alter the definition of marriage to include homosexuals. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to have admirable principles or beliefs but behaves otherwise. These respected leaders of the faithful in Illinois are using faith and reason to advance truth.

Marriage was not created by the state and the state has no authority to redefine it. Marriage has existed since the beginning of time and is a union between a man and woman for the wondrous gift of co-creating life. These leaders are loved and respected by many. They do not deserve to be labeled with such an offensive word just because your columnist does not agree with them.

Patricia Carroll, La Grange Park

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