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Give priority to wildlife

Updated: May 9, 2013 6:12AM

Thank you for the March 21 editorial titled “Birds need a little more help surviving cats.” Yes, indeed, birds and all wildlife do need a great deal of help surviving feral cats.

The county says that its Trap Neuter and Return program is working, but all statistics (including the study referred to in the editorial) show that such programs simply do not reduce feral cat populations. And neutered or spayed cats still kill birds, amphibians, mammals and also spread disease.

The editorial is incorrect when it said that the Trap Neuter and Return program is progress. Unowned cats should not have priority over native wildlife.

Mary Lou Mellon,


Ebert was a smart critic

Roger Ebert was the only critic I believed in absolutely. He was the only one who was smart enough to see the art on a universal level of action films. He also was passionate and not boring in his analysis of all films. I will miss him. If you emailed him, he usually he emailed you back. A great man.

C.M. Blumenthal,

Jefferson Park

Don’t ruin Social Security

Congress is getting ready to tie cost-of-living Social Security adjustments to the chained CPI. It basically says that if a substitute food is available that is cheaper, then the adjustment will go down. So if vegetables are expensive, then elderly poor can just replace it with cake. This is unconscionable to do to the elderly poor. The wealthy haven’t learned the lessons of the French Revolution.

A small group of people in this country are living fabulously wealthy lifestyles while more and more people are being driven into poverty. How much greed is enough?

Richard Kaziny,


Hey, Cubs, focus on winning

As a Cubs season ticket holder, I really wish the organization would put the same effort into fielding a winning team that they do into undermining the rooftop owners and rebuilding the neighborhood to their liking.

Brandon Clark,

South Loop

Immigrant plan is not amnesty

It appears from your recent news coverage that a potential sticking point in passage of comprehensive immigration reform has to do with the status of the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in this country. Critics call providing an earned path to citizenship “amnesty.” It is not. Amnesty is forgiveness, with no penalties or strings attached. However, unlike the 1986 amnesty under President Reagan that made about 2.7 million illegal immigrants eligible for green cards, the path to citizenship President Obama and congressional supporters endorse includes paying back taxes, passing a background check, learning English and going to the back of the line. In other words, it requires undocumented immigrants to play by the same rules as everybody else. That’s only fair. In contrast, the mass deportation of 11 million people is totally unrealistic and impractical. I’m calling on my representatives in Congress to vote in favor of comprehensive immigration reform that includes an earned path to citizenship and encourage everyone in Chicago to do the same.

Cathy Foster, Ravenswood

Sequester stalls recovery

We are starting to see the negative impact of the sequester on the economy just as President Obama correctly predicted. And, it will continue to prevent hiring and investment as the economy slows down. Forget a robust recovery. After all, the constant budget cuts have worked so well in Europe that conservatives want to adopt that approach here in the U.S.

The Republicans, as Speaker John Boehner has said, are “pretty happy” with the Federal budget cuts. So once again, the right-wingers in the GOP are, through constant filibusters in Senate (60 votes required instead of a simple majority) and refusal to bring up legislation for a vote in the House (something might actually pass), forcing drastic cuts instead of a balanced approach that would more fairly spread the pain.

When it comes time to vote in 2014 midterm elections, just remember, the Republicans stalled the recovery via cutbacks just like the politicians in Europe. Thus, we have another demonstration that of right-wingers opposing the president instead of creating more middle-class jobs and improving the economy.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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