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Sleeping worker reveals the problem

Updated: May 2, 2013 6:06AM

This $78,000-a-year tollway employee should be the poster child for what is wrong with our government at all levels. Whatever he does for his paycheck in private industry he wouldnt be paid half that. How much pension does he stand to collect? Too much fat everywhere in government. Who signs the checks? Who is in charge? Does anyone care?

Richard Coker, Dunning

Feral cats perform a needed service

I was driving down my alley the other day, and running ahead of my car was a cat with a rat in its mouth. Feral cats provide a great service at no cost to us. There is a perception that cats kill too many birds. The fact is that they kill SOME birds. Humans are responsible for the majority of bird deaths because of our choice to pollute the Earth. Cats kill rats. Would you rather have rats or cats?

Peggy Zabicki, West Lawn

Selling out Chicago

In grammar school, we learned about the history of Chicago, and how Daniel Burnham wanted the lakefront free and open to the public, as it was one of the city’s greatest assets, part of the commonweal.

But the city, first under Mayor Richard M. Daley and now Mayor Rahm Emanuel, seems intent on divesting the citizenry from its public assets. Consider both the Chicago Skyway and parking meter deals; the talked about privatization of Midway Airport; the closing of public schools in favor of privately owned (but publicly funded) charter schools; and now the CTA’s upcoming Ventra transit card. City government has become more about corporate contracts rather than the common good.

After Mayor Daley tore up Meigs Field, Northerly Island was supposed to have been converted back to public space — a nature preserve — a haven for outdoor activities and returning wildlife: perch fishermen rather than private pilots, Cooper’s hawks rather than Cessnas.

The latest city plan, to expand the concert venue at Northerly Island, only turns public space back into corporate space, favoring not the public, but Live Nation, and Jimmy Buffett. As for Mr. Buffett, is he kith or kin to . . . Harrison Ford?

John Vukmirovich, East Side

Spending is out of control

Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy or is our federal government out of control. I just heard on the news that the federal government is giving Chicago $100 million to expand the Riverwalk. Did I misunderstand, or are we as a country on the brink of another recession because of government overspending?

Why does the frivolous spending go on when cuts continue being made that affect people’s welfare? Do we need a recession, or worse yet, a depression, to bring some common sense back to Washington? I don’t know about anyone else, but I am fed up with how our country is being run. Before life as we have known it is completely destroyed. Someone better start holding Washington accountable.

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg

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