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Concealed carry wouldn’t be Wild West

Updated: March 27, 2013 6:11AM

The politicians, police, restaurant owners, physicians and other parties intent on denying law-abiding citizens their constitutional right to defend themselves should look beyond the State of Illinois to the other 49 states, all of which already have some sort of concealed carry gun law. They will see that the United States of America has not reverted back to the Wild West.

With carefully enacted legislation to control what venues are off limits for concealed carry, coupled with mandatory training and comprehensive background checks, I don’t believe the citizens of Illinois would behave any different than the tens of thousands of people who already possess concealed carry permits.

John F. Livaich, Oak Lawn

Police chief is not the problem

In trying to make Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy the scapegoat for the murder and mayhem in certain black communities, Ald. Howard Brookins and the City Council’s black caucus give new meaning to the word crass. They choose to ignore the twin elephants in the living room: “not snitching” and parental failures. Both are so toxic that black politicians customarily ignore then and white politicians feel constrained from calling them out. Result: community disservice on a grand scale.

Brookins & Co. would be better advised to launch a campaign to convince good people that their own silence dooms them to continued bloodshed and that sharing information with the police is the only way to save themselves in the long run.

Dysfunctional teenage shooters come from dysfunctional households, often marked by illegitimacy, missing fathers and other predictors of lives headed wrong. But aldermen want to shift the blame onto McCarthy, who is the best commissioner Chicago has had in a long time.

Before the black caucus makes matters worse, they should fashion a better response than scapegoating McCarthy.

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park

Get rid of red-light cameras

Red-light cameras aren’t installed for our protection, but rather as a cheap source of revenue for our government. Since the cameras have been installed, more accidents have occurred because people hit the breaks at the last moment, afraid of getting a ticket. Red-light cameras should be removed. They don’t benefit the people; they benefit the government.

Joanna Silezin, Addison

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