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Don’t blame the cats

Updated: March 19, 2013 6:16AM

Exactly what kind of study was conducted that shows billions of mammals killed by outdoor cats [“Billions of mammals killed by outdoor cats”]? As a responsible cat owner, wildlife saver and environmentalist, I see another human tactic being used to target a specific animal.

I live in an area where mammals such as skunks, raccoons and opossums are trapped and killed because homeowners don’t like them.

People douse their lawns with harmful herbicides and pesticides that kill all living things. They also put poisons out for ground squirrels, etc., because they don’t want holes on their manicured lawns.

Many of our domestic birds have died from the West Nile virus. Are you going to blame the cats for these bird deaths, too?

I would love to see the feral cats trapped, neutered and returned to their previous territory. However, who is going to do that? Where is the money?

With humans killing off the natural predators everywhere, we all now have more mice coming into our homes, which we then kill with mouse traps.

Are they going to trap and kill the cats, too?

Revel Miller, Skokie

Drugs, gangs are the problem

I keep reading all about the gun-control issue, and central to all of it is gangs and drugs. Most of the shootings are gang-related where gang members are fighting for turf to sell drugs and often innocent people are killed.

What I do not hear anything about is simple economics 101 supply and demand. Seems to me that if the regular folks did not want the illegal drugs that much of the turf war problems would evaporate. I think we need to put just as much blame on the weekend cocaine user or pot smoker or other recreational drug users as the gangs. These recreations users live in the suburbs and affluent area as of the city as well as the inner city. They all buy the drugs and perpetuate the need for the demand that the gangs provide through supplying the drugs

I ask what is law enforcement doing to stop the weekend drug user and dry up the demand? Why does the guy or gal that buys a little bag of weed or a little cocaine for Saturday night not understand that they are indirectly responsible for the killings? I personally think it has gotten so far out of control and there are so many hopped-up idiots out there that there is no answer for the average citizen except being able to arm themselves.

Michael D. Turay, Crete

Act on climate change

Gun control, immigration, fiscal wrangling, and other soups of the day distract attention from a more important issue: President Barack Obama and Congress have done virtually nothing to stop global warming, a climate holocaust that may kill billions. An enraged public may eventually demand that today’s political leaders, fossil fuel executives and sell-out CEOs from the giant environmental groups be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

George Ochsenfeld, Monee

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