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New gas meters are painfully loud

Updated: March 12, 2013 6:13AM

Peoples Gas installed their new meters in our co-op apartment complex. They tore up the street and drilled into the brick for three days, leaving us with a huge apparatus on the front of the building in which I live.

Just when I thought the noise and inconvenience was over, I discovered their equipment emanates a constant racket just outside my bedroom window. We complained about the noise and were told that nothing can be done. I now have a huge supply of earplugs that I need in order to sleep at night. My anger and frustration in this matter is driving me mad. My quality of life, not to mention my property value, has sunk to a new low.

Diane Libman,

Rogers Park

Drop the word ‘snitch’

Regarding a recent Sun-Times story about a bank heist trial, it would be nice if reporters would get away from calling people “snitch” — such as the jail inmate who testified — when they provide valuable information regarding crime in this state. We need to stop using that word.

Pat Kennedy, Mount Greenwood

State teetering on the edge

In his State of the State message, Gov. Pat Quinn said “we have moved Illinois forward.” He is quite correct, and we are fast approaching the proverbial cliff. Let’s just hope that most of our “do-nothing” politicos are in the wagon when it falls off the precipice. One can only hope.

Steve Babyk, Humboldt Park

Belushi off mark on women

These days women are beyond primal flight-fight responses [“No joke: Jim Belushi isn’t pulling any punches,” Jim Belushi column, Friday]. They make more money, are happier, are better parents, and live longer lives. And they increasingly do it without the help of men. Mr. Belushi’s words reinforce an old and brutish society.

I’d love to debate Belushi in an outdoor amphitheater in St. Charles in a new patriotic summer series, “Lincoln Douglas Debates in Pottawatomie Park.” The topic to the first debate shall be “Resolved: Men need to protect women” and shall be conducted in a classic Lincoln-Douglas debate style judged by a panel of local and national educators.

Patrick Coman O’Connor,

St. Charles

Illinois must address job skills gap

We applaud Gov. Pat Quinn’s concern for the skills gap that he highlighted in his State of the State address on Wednesday. Over the next decade, Illinois’ economy will face a shortage of skilled individuals who have education credentials beyond a high school diploma. Without the proper training, growing industries — such as advanced manufacturing — will not have the workers that they need to grow.

From our perspective, this is an economic crisis that needs attention now with 3 million adults in Illinois that don’t have an education beyond high school — including nearly a million that have less than a high school degree. The Legislature and the governor have already committed to taking on this crisis by establishing the 21st Century Workforce Development Fund, a skills training fund, to properly direct resources to local initiatives to advance the needs of Illinois’ businesses, communities and individuals.

A top priority of the fund is to make sure Illinois’ workers are getting the skills they need to attain the good wage jobs that Gov. Quinn spoke about in his speech. What the governor must do is properly commit resources to the 21st Century Fund. Even though the budget is tight, an investment in training workers will be an investment for our future that will pay off. This is what it will take for us to make sure that “now, in our Illinois, we leave no worker behind.”

Dan Lyonsmith,

director of government relations,

Chicago Jobs Council

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