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Crime isn’t down if murder is up

Updated: March 4, 2013 6:38AM

Crime isn’t down if murder is up

Does the dynamic duo of Mayor Emanuel and Police Supt. Garry McCarthy think the people of Chicago are stupid?

Every time another innocent child is caught up in the bloody violence of gangland shootings, they inform the people of Chicago of the great strides they are making in reducing crime.

There are three kinds of lies: statistics, statistics, statistics.

Sure auto thefts and burglaries may be down, but murder remains high, and this January had the highest number of murders over the past 10 years. Where are these two making progress? I guess with auto theft and carjackings down, the citizens of Chicago can rest easy sleeping in their cars.

John F. Livaich,
Oak Lawn

No more school ‘reform’

Listening to person after person eloquently, yet desperately, plead for their schools not to be closed during the Austin-North Lawndale Network school utilization hearing on Jan. 31 brought forth, to my mind, heart-wrenching images of our enslaved African-American ancestors pleading for their loved ones not to be beaten, sold at auction, or killed.

Here we are, more than a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished involuntary servitude, and the Chicago Public Schools is still meting out the protocol of slavery on the descendants of those whom this amendment supposedly enfranchised.

CPS has been treating children like chattel for long enough. The educational funds that are meant for the students are not CPS’s to wager on this depraved, failed experiment called “urban school reform.” Through the closing of neighborhood schools and the opening of charter schools, CPS has forged an alliance with corporations that have been allowed to greedily hijack funding that is targeted for our children. And as a result, our children’s schools have been sabotaged. Yet, CPS has chosen to create a false narrative of “school failure” and “underutilization.”

CPS owes an apology and reparations to the students who were swindled out of their education.

No more school closures. No more false narratives of “failure” and “underutilization.” And, in the words of the old negro spiritual, “No more auction block.”

Bonita Robinson,

recently retired teacher

Duke Ellington School,

Austin-North Lawndale Network

Follow Gabby Giffords’ lead

Gabby Giffords sent a clarion call to every public servant in this country in her testimony before Congress when she said, “be bold, be courageous.” If everyone in government would do what’s in the best interest of Americans — whether it’s voting for stricter gun laws, providing better access to health care and mental health services, measures that could enhance the lives of its citizens — we could move toward a safer, healthier future for our children and grandchildren. Be bold. Be courageous. And don’t be afraid about getting re-elected years down the road. And in Gabby’s words, “do it now.”

Jo Ann Casey, West Rogers Park

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