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Industry causes gun confusion

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Updated: March 2, 2013 12:04PM

Industry causes gun confusion

Jacob Sullum’s good column Wednesday, “Most Americans clueless on guns,” points up a ruse of the firearms industry. Their terms have never been rationalized. The biggest confusion is their sloppy use of the word “automatic.” This may be a marketing ploy, but it illustrates the need for regulation of this buccaneering enterprise.

The word “automatic” was used by John Moses Browning to sell his automatic pistol to the Army — but also to market the Browning Automatic Rifle. The pistol fires one shot for each pull of the trigger; whereas his B.A.R. can fire off a whole magazine, like a machine gun, at one pull of the trigger. This confusion was tolerated by our military and has been going on since Browning’s inventive work early in the last century.

No wonder Americans are “clueless on guns.” All they need to know is that our anarchical arms industry needs government regulation — as the good Second Amendment requires: “ . . . for the security of a free State.” Note that the Founding Fathers capitalized “State!”

John Heinz, Aurora

Community must fight violence

On Tuesday night, another child was murdered in the city of Chicago with a gun fired by a cowardly gang member spraying bullets into a crowd.

Having performed as a majorette at the presidential Inauguration, Hadiya Pendleton had just returned to Chicago. John W. Fountain’s Thursday commentary stated that President Barack Obama “can bring a sense of national urgency to this crisis in Chicago,” putting pressure on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to “restore order to every Chicago neighborhood.”

My question lies within the black community itself. When will Chicago’s black middle-class denounce the continuous cycle of gangs replacing the fathers in these misled youths’ lives? When will the cycle of fathering children by means of multiple women, feeding the gangs with unlimited membership, be stopped? It’s not the president’s problem to solve. It’s not the mayor’s problem to solve.

No amount of money, social programs or gun control will solve this problem. A distinct and much-needed change in culture within the community itself is the ONLY solution.

Michael McCune,

Tinley Park

Guns aren’t the problem

People are right to be angry and indignant about Chicago’s climbing murder rate but wrong to believe the city has a gun problem. Chicago has a contempt for life problem.

I live in McHenry County, where there are at least 14 stores that sell guns, ammo or both. There are also at least three public shooting ranges, two private shooting ranges and two hunt clubs. There are no gun stores, shooting ranges or hunt clubs in Chicago.

There were no firearms-related murders in McHenry County in January, and there were none in all of 2012. Adjusted for population, this county would have had nearly 50 firearms-related murders in 2012 to match what’s happening in Chicago. The last firearms-related murder in my hometown, which has four firearms retailers and two shooting ranges, happened 12 years ago and was committed by someone from outside the area.

If guns are the cause of Chicago’s violence, why do we go multiple years at a time with no firearms-related murders in my county?

Steve Stanek, McHenry

Make gun laws stricter

Our loving babies are being gunned down by animals who wouldn’t know family/love if it fell and landed on them. Now the politicians sit by and trade jabs on stricter gun laws. How about increasing the incarceration time for getting caught in public with a gun or using a gun? I mean lock them up for so long their buddies wouldn’t want to see a gun, let alone pick one up.

Mark Wilkins, Uptown

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