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Keep housing for low-paid workers

Updated: February 23, 2013 6:16AM

Keep housing for low-paid workers

Ald. James Cappleman (46th) wants to close Chicago’s remaining cubicle hotels. No one suggests that these hotels provide ideal housing, but people who work jobs for the minimum wage can’t afford a decent apartment in Chicago. If the alderman wants to drive these hotels out of business, then the city should provide thousands of units of low-cost, subsidized housing. Thousands of people who work every day but still can afford to rent only a cubicle will be forced onto the street or into our already overburdened shelters. The “last vestige” of the Depression isn’t cubicle hotels; it’s people who want to work, who are working, and who can’t make enough to live on. Solve that problem, and the hotels will die on their own. Until then, the city should fund services for these residents, not force them into homelessness.

Alan Mills, legal director,

Uptown People’s Law Center

Global warming: Time to act is now

The Sun-Times’ recent editorial on climate change got it exactly right: “Global warming can’t and won’t wait.” But it is important to understand why that is true. It seems against common sense that climate change should rank with the economy, health care and immigration among the challenges before us. But it does. Physics says that if you put global warming gases in the air, you will get global warming. You can’t ask for an extension because you have a recession or health-care problems or trade imbalances or violence in the Middle East.

Doubters claim that climate change is the result of natural processes. They are wrong for now, but they won’t be wrong much longer. Our pollution may start the Arctic ice melting, but once started, nothing we do can stop it and nothing can bring it back. Its white, reflective surface is giving way to the dark water that absorbs heat. Mother Nature takes over from us, adding heat to the warming world. When the feedbacks from our pollution become greater than the pollution itself, climate change will be natural, and beyond our stopping.

Jay Mulberry, Hyde Park

Kudos to mayor for promoting vegan diet

I enjoyed watching Mayor Rahm Emanuel on WGN promoting a vegan diet. Watching kids become more and more overweight each year has always broken my heart. How can the future of our country fulfill their true potential and bring us forward if they are struggling with diabetes and heart disease by the time they’re 15? Eating an excess of animal products, be it meat or dairy, has become the cultural norm, so it’s good to see our leaders taking a more active role in guiding people to make better diet choices.

Lisa Jeon, Near North

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