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Ald. Burke’s dubious honor

Updated: January 11, 2013 6:26PM

I was delighted with Neil Steinberg’s column on Wednesday, especially where he allows “long-serving” Ald. Ed Burke to assert his status as “longest-serving alderman ever.” But I am confused: Why would anyone want the dubious honor of being alderman longer than anyone else in Chicago history? That’s like bragging about being the longest-smoldering tire fire in the junkyard, or the most experienced streetwalker on North Avenue. Nelson Algren correctly called our city council “the greatest rogues’ circus ever pitched under a single tent.” And Ed Burke just reasserted his position as the most senior Bozo.

No offense intended to Bozo.

Bill Savage, Rogers Park

Broken government

Shame on the governor, and the leaders and members of the Illinois General Assembly, the fiduciary stewards of the people of the State of Illinois.

Once again you have failed in your responsibility.

Those of us who can should seriously consider abandoning the state. Certainly the politicians and public employee unions have forced no other choice.

Robert L. Johnson, Lincoln Park

Madigan cares only for Madigan

There’s plenty of blame to go around on the pension reform inaction in Springfield. Many legislators in both parties should feel great guilt for continuing to kick this can down the road.

There is, however, one constant: A man of enormous power in and out of Springfield who, for many years, has shown absolutely no leadership or, perhaps worse, desire to be a statesman.

Mike Madigan, speaker of the Illinois House, probably has been the most powerful Illinois Democrat, or close to it, for most of an eternity. But he couldn’t seem less interested, now or in the past, in working on getting this crisis fixed.

This story is more about Mike Madigan than anyone else, and why he just doesn’t seem to care. Let him deny the accusations all he wants to, but his long-time inaction, not to mention lack of effort, speak volumes.

Ironic, isn’t it: Springfield has made Mike Madigan a very rich man, while he bears much of the blame for Illinois becoming virtually destitute.

Bob Weil, Highland Park

What is rich in Obama’s world?

I find it fascinating that Karen Lewis would quote Lucy Parsons by stating “ Never be deceived that the rich will permit you to vote away their wealth.” But her guy Obama is trying to do that. What is rich? By the time this administration is done, rich may mean anyone making more than the average welfare recipient. Watch out, Karen, you may soon be considered rich with your union salary. They’ll be coming after you next.

James Gamboa, Des Plaines

Lovie is the man for Eagles

The City of Brotherly Love would be so honored to have Lovie Smith as its next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. After such a horrific 2012 season for the Eagles, with the worst record in recent history, Smith is certainly the man to give the big boost to recharge the Philadelphia franchise. Chicago’s lost may very well be Philly’s gain.

Wayne E. Williams, New Jersey

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