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Do something about guns

Updated: January 17, 2013 6:31AM

I was watching TV early Friday afternoon and learned about the children (children!) and adults murdered by the latest loon. I can’t wait for the NRA tell us more about the right to own guns. I’m sure they will have some illuminating insights for us all on the right to bear arms. Maybe all 8-year-olds should have AK-47s to defend themselves. I’m not against gun ownership, but something has to be done. This is beyond sick, and the NRA’s stand on guns is sick.

Shari Parker, Pullman

We need gun control

As we try to comprehend the tragedy in Connecticut, I have only one thought: Can we finally have a real talk about gun control and banning automatic weapons?

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

What must schools do?

Must all school have metal detectors at every entrance? Finding a lesson out of this bloody insanity is nearly impossible.

Dave Freeman, Glenview

Don’t reward law-breaking

Why would the state allow undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses. Do you really think they are going to get insurance? Read the law — no insurance, no car!!! Why are you rewarding them — they broke the law.

Tyrone Gauger, Antioch

Lincoln CTA move bad idea

The planned elimination of CTA bus service on the three-mile mid-section of Lincoln Avenue is the dumbest cost-savings idea ever. Impacted by this proposal are people and businesses of six wards; namely, 32, 40, 43, 44, 47 and 50, which comprise a number of six-corner shopping centers, and . . . get thi s . . . the proposed date of this service termination is Dec. 16, the very peak of the Christmas holiday shopping season.

Mayor beware! This could be your Chicago “blizzard.”*

*(Mayor Bilandic)

LaVerne Hick ey, Ravenswood

Invasion of privacy

The U.S. Patent Office recently rejected Verizon’s application for creating a DVR that monitors TV viewers through a camera and microphone, providing targeted ads based on their physical characteristics, environment, and behaviors. In other words, the company wants to watch you while you watch TV. If you’re fighting with your spouse, you may see a commercial for marital counseling. If you’re having a tender moment, you might see an ad for contraceptives. While the decision by the Patent Office is an immediate “win” for private citizens, it is considered “non-final,” and the company can continue to pursue the technology patent claim. Our lawmakers should immediately move to ban this technology, which does not belong in our private homes. Advocates may argue that a person does not have to have a DVR or even a television, if they want to maintain privacy. Yet if we allow ourselves to be tracked by this device (or any other), the wall of privacy in our own homes will be destroyed. There is no telling what other “Big Brother” devices would be allowed to monitor and track us in our homes.

Joe Marabotti, Ravenswood

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