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End the police ‘code of silence’

Updated: January 12, 2013 6:13AM

Kudos for last week’s editorial “Whitewashing code of silence.” The harsh truth is that the code of silence in police departments is alive and well. Chicago’s Anthony Abbate beat up a bartender because she refused to bow to his “beer muscles” — and that was terrible. But it was worse when his fellow cops stood by him and not the victim. If Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel really wants citizens to trust and believe him, he should end the code of silence, not just sugarcoat it with the Independent Police Review Authority. In the meantime, tell us another bedtime story.

Richard J. White, Elmhurst

Keep them honest

A reader suggested last week that we give every politician three “Get Out of Jail Free” cards to save ourselves time and money. I would include a serial number on each card so that an unscrupulous politician can’t use more than his share.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

Steinberg misses point

For Neil Steinberg in his Sunday column to say the issue of gay marriage has already been decided shows he has his head buried in the sand. There is nothing homophobic about disagreeing with those who think same-sex unions are a good idea. If Neil weren’t so Godphobic he would understand that marriage is a God-given right under God-given rules to ensure procreation, which is beneficial to society. Only when this is understood by all will the issue be decided.

Donald Nauyokas, Brighton Park

Government spending out of control

When my children were growing up, I used to tell them there was no money tree in our backyard. Yet our state and federal governments act like there is one. It is so disappointing to see our “leaders,” from the president on down, spending money we taxpayers do not have with no apparent guilt or remorse. Our president takes his family to Hawaii for the holidays at the cost to us of over $4 million. Our senators and congressmen receive benefits and perks that we in the private sector will never be able to get. And we keep giving to other countries as if our country weren’t facing the “fiscal cliff.” We apparently need to go over the cliff to wake up and get our priorities back in order. We cannot keep spending money we don’t have.

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg

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