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Political harassment or waste of time?

Updated: January 10, 2013 6:22AM

Political harassment or waste of time?

Here we go again. Yet another fine and absolutely innocent Illinois state representative, this time Sen. Donne Trotter, is being harassed for a minor error in judgment.

It’s time to stop picking on our duly elected officials.

My proposal is to give each and every one of them a “get out of jail free” card, which they may use for any of their first three infractions. And for those who need more than three, the cards should be transferable from others who haven’t used theirs up yet.

While this probably will result in a need for fewer political reporters to track these kinds of matters, it will free up the courts to process more worthwhile cases.

Steve Babyk,
Wicker Park

‘Code of silence’ lives

This is in regard to your editorial on Wednesday calling on a federal judge not to set aside a jury’s verdict that the Chicago Police engaged in a “code of silence” to protect a fellow officer, Anthony Abbate. The whole thing just makes me sick. So much for fighting the Chicago Police Departments’ “code of silence” — now it seems City Hall is trying to do just the same. Abbate was caught on video beating a helpless bartender. Abbate thought he was above the law because he has a badge and gun, and the police department agreed. And now, it seems, City Hall has agreed. What City Hall is doing is offering the bartender a bribe to keep quiet. Wow.

Michael Soltysiak, Chicago Ridge

Immigration policy promotes crime

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel opens Chicago’s doors to immigrants, it will allow more Illegal immigrants, from all over, to come here. Can we support them? We keep hearing how the city and state are overburden financially. The mayor said, “If you see a crime , report it.“ The word illegal used to describe something or someone that is prohibited or not authorized by law!

Frank Girardi, Cragin

A hearty thanks to reporters

I am writing tonight to say thank you to the Sun-Times and their reporters Tim Novak, Chris Fusco and Carol Marin for reporting and staying with the David Koschman story. Even I, an ordinary person, felt a cover-up from the beginning. These wonderful reporters never gave up and the Sun-Times never gave up, either, for the readers and ordinary people of Chicago.

Nancy E. Wolff, Garden Homes

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