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We need political — not pension — reform

Updated: January 8, 2013 6:21AM

The politicians are screaming “pension reform.” First of all, many of them will get a pension no matter what happens to the average city worker, even though they only served office for a few years. Do you hear about that? Are they screaming about Daley raising his own pension? No!

We the city workers paid into our pension but the politicians failed to equally pay into the pension plan as outlined in the contracts with the unions. The politicians could not stand all the pension money just sitting there during the pre-baby boomer retirement rush, so they “borrowed” on it and now the fund is broke!!

It is the politicians’ fault, not the city workers, who abuse the system, draw huge salaries, draw huge pensions. I agree we need reform — political reform — of the people who misused our pension and tax money: the politician.

Robert Frederick, Gage Park

Laws for lawbreakers

I fail to understand our elected officials. Why are they spending any time debating and passing legislation related to issuing temporary visitor driver’s licenses?

Until these same political officials take the time and effort to rewrite the current laws, these individuals are illegal immigrants and should be dealt with based on the existing laws.

Enforce the current laws and don’t pass legislation to compensate for the problems caused by being in the country illegally.

Art Carpenter, Garfield Ridge

Paying for gang subculture

It’s very disturbing to see that along with Chicago’s dubious distinction of being the murder capital of the U.S., the Police Department will now be deploying “up to 30 percent of the available police vehicles in the district” to each gang funeral. Not only is this a burden on the tax-paying population, it is a bold reflection of the lack of respect for civilized society that the gang subculture represents. Again, the law-abiding citizens will foot the bill to continue to allow this urban terrorism in our society. When will this change? And what will we do if it doesn’t change? I have lots of questions, does anyone have any answers?

Michael McCune, Tinley Park

Fiscal cliff winners and losers

The fiscal cliff is a win win for both the president and Congress. The president gets a much larger tax increase than he asked for, the Republicans get automatic spending cuts, and both sides get to blame the other. The only loser here is the average taxpayer.

Judy Barnes, Berwyn

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