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Berrios’ Kennedy comparison ludicrous

Updated: January 1, 2013 6:25AM

Now Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios defends hiring members of his own family by saying that’s what President John F. Kennedy did. Yes, Kennedy hired his brother, Robert Kennedy, as U.S. attorney general, and his brother-in-law, R. Sargent Shriver, to several social welfare posts. Both did exemplary work.

But Berrios, according to reports in the Sun-Times, has hired or found public-service jobs for what can only be considered a “shopping list” of his relatives. I knew of John Kennedy, though I did not personally know him. And you, Joe Berrios, are no John Kennedy!

Bernard Biernacki, Aurora

Mel Reynolds is unfit for Congress

Mel Reynolds is a convicted sex offender. He also was convicted of improper use of campaign funds. How could anyone in his right mind support or vote for Reynolds? I am all for forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean Reynolds deserves to get back his seat in Congress. Please give us news we can use, Sun-Times, and quit wasting our time on rubbish.

Mary Greco, Ashburn

Reynolds’ run is a joke

Let me see if I have this right. Mel Reynolds was convicted of both a child sex offense and federal fraud 18 years ago and is now running for Congress. Meanwhile, I was convicted of a single non-violent, non-sexual, non-financial crime nearly 35 years ago and I can’t get a job with the Post Office. I’d be better off running for Congress, too. Apparently, not everyone gets a second chance.

Tim Shockley, Kelvin Park

Durbin is correct about fiscal cliff

I don’t agree with Sen. Dick Durbin on most things, but I was so happy to see that at least he’s trying to find a solution to this country’s debt. I am not against raising taxes, but I also think the Democrats need to realize that raising taxes is not the only solution. If the Republicans are finally opening the door to raising tax revenues, then the Democrats need to realize that not only do we have to stop spending, but we need to figure out a reasonable deal on curbing entitlements.

I totally agree with Thursday’s editorial: Both parties need to give and take.

Debbie Musson, Aurora

Choices, not mistakes

Both Jesse Jackson Jr. and Mel Reynolds say they made “mistakes.” They made choices, not mistakes, and it’s time they paid the piper. Jesse will probably go to jail for his choices, and Reynolds will fade back to wherever he came from for his choices.

Timothy D. O’Reilly, Near North Side

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