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Mark Brown column wasn’t logical

Updated: December 27, 2012 6:15AM

Mark Brown recently wrote a column opining that Illinois should allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. I do not see the logic in this.

Undocumented immigrants who fail a driver’s test or are unable to buy insurance are just going to keep on driving anyway. We know this because they have already shown complete contempt for our immigration laws, driving laws, and, in many cases, our laws concerning counterfeiting.

Mr. Brown agrees when he states: “These individuals are already driving and will continue to drive.” Mr. Brown’s column then quotes Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, who states that undocumented immigrants “would love to not violate the law, but they need to feed their families, and they have to get to work.”

Where does this end? Is the sheriff saying it’s also acceptable for undocumented immigrants to shoplift and steal to feed their families? How about robbing banks? Give us a list of laws that they do not have to obey. Or, perhaps Mr. Brown and sheriff Curran can tell us the laws that U.S. citizens need not follow.

John Abraytis, Melrose Park

Steinberg can’t hide his glee

The euphoria enjoyed by Neil Steinberg (column, Monday), upon discovering what he considered the consummate literary skewering of Mitt Romney, was obvious in his effusive praise of the author, Garry Wills.

Apparently not content with the fact that his guy, Obama, won, Steinberg seems compelled to utterly destroy and discredit Romney for having the audacity to challenge the anointed one. He points to Romney’s change of position on certain issues as proof of the candidate’s moral bankruptcy.

This stands in stark contrast to his assessment of Obama, who has had some questionable changes of position of his own. Obama was against gay marriage before he was for it. His public disavowal of his self-proclaimed, longtime friend and mentor, Jeremiah Wright, when his lunatic rantings became a liability, must merely have been a spiritual epiphany, rather than a cold, calculated political move. The list goes on.

There were numerous people who came forward to testify to the overall decency of Mitt Romney. Steinberg has every right to his political views. He has no right to claim he knows what is in Mitt Romney’s heart and soul.

James E. McNally, Clearing

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