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CTA fare increases are a ‘slap in the face’

Updated: December 24, 2012 7:03AM

Once again, the bureaucrats at the CTA have raised the cost of everyday transporation. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I will no longer use the CTA to get around because of the drastic increases in passes that will become effective in 2013. Doubling the one day pass from $5 to $10 is slap in the face of every senior who uses the CTA occasionally. Rod Blagojevich actually stood in the corner of the seniors regarding transportation, but alas, was railroaded into prison as a scapegoat by the corrupt Illinois Democratic machine.

Mike Koskiewicz, Portage Park

Licenses for illegal immigrants reward lawbreakers

So, Illinois lawmakers, not content with putting the state billions into debt, have come up with yet another brain storm — give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Wow! What a wonderful progressive idea — reward lawbreakers.

Mark Brown in his usual wisdom states the licenses can be used “to prove their identity.” How? They’re“undocumented.”

Any Republican who votes for this bill not only will still not get the Hispanic vote, but also won’t get Republican votes.

Illinois has definitely become the asylum taken over by the inmates.

Bill Stecich, West Lawn

Licenses another reason to be ashamed

Our nation is supposed to be a nation of laws, and immigration laws are a function of our representatives in Washington. Giving driver’s licenses to illegals is simply flouting the laws, telling the world you have no intention of keeping the laws After all, these illegals do have to show up for pictures and a driving test.and admit they are illegal.

The talk about safety and insurance is just an excuse. The real reason is pandering to a growing Hispanic population and currying for their votes. I am ashamed of our political leaders in Illinois for many reasons. This is the latest reason.

Larry Craig, Wilmette

Licenses won’t ensure safer driving practices

Your editorial “Give driving IDs to illegal immigrants” (November 16, 2012), while well-intentioned, is misguided. Your position, which supports giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, assumes that having a driver’s license correlates with safe driving. If that were the case, we would not already have an alarming rate of DUI’s, traffic accidents, and fatalities caused by reckless driving by licensed motorists. New Mexico has allowed illegal immigrants to drive for the past 10 years, yet there is little evidence that the law has improved road safety and decreased the number of uninsured drivers. So, why then, is there a push for a change in our public policy?

Let’s call this push what it is: a strategy to unnecessarily divide and conquer the electorate. Your newspaper fans those flames, reporting that this issue is a matter of Latino voters “showing their political muscle.” I think that the citizens of our state had other concerns on their minds when they voted: improving our economy and creating more jobs. Giving privileges to illegal immigrants does little to make our roads safer, our insurance cheaper, our economy better, or our immigration system improved. Let’s not forget that this change in law is pushed by an immigrant advocacy organization, not a public safety one.Of course, we should recognize that illegal immigrants are here and work to make our immigration system more efficient and transparent. It is an injustice, though, for our government to start granting accommodations to adults who have knowingly chosen to break our immigration laws, when there are thousands of immigrants who are following our laws and patiently waiting their turn in line.

I was always told that driving was a privilege, not a right. Giving away this privilege for votes is simply not “right.” Our elected officials have a responsibility to uphold our Constitution and serve the interests of citizens, not interest groups or themselves.

Joe Marabotti, Uptown

Does paying water bill get me a reward?

Received my water bill! Got on a bus — went to City Hall and paid my water bill. Do I get a $25 gift certificate for fulfilling my responsibility of a home owner?

Joanne Knetl, Bridgeport

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