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Voter ‘miscreant’ is nabbed

Updated: December 21, 2012 6:14AM

Voter ‘miscreant’ is nabbed

Score a victory for Indiana’s Voter ID Law! A potential miscreant has been detected and thwarted. My wife who is 90 and who suffered a stroke six years ago was not allowed to cast her ballot at the polls because her photo ID driver’s license had expired despite the photo clearly establishing her identity.

I had known of the provisions of this law but could not believe that an Indiana resident living at the same Porter County address for the last 45 years would be denied her right as a citizen.

The lawmakers who passed this bill and those of us who allowed it to pass may now sleep more safely knowing our democracy has been staunchly protected. This success might embolden us to consider even more restrictive legislation to disenfranchise as many of our potential opponents as we can!

Think what we’ll save in campaign expenditures. Pass a law and avoid having to pay for radio and TV spots. Hoosiers have earned the right to be proud of the way they have shown the nation how to handle the voting process.

Harry Mark Petrakis,

Chesterton, Ind.

Corporate greed run amok

As if “Black Friday” were not enough, now greedy retailers want “Black Thursday.” They start decorating their stores for Christmas in September, discounting the other holidays along the way. They see the Christmas trees and think green. They have become the modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge. And now they are tearing their employees away from their families on Thanksgiving.

A day of gathering with family and friends, a day of feasting and rest before the long workdays ahead. The economy is hard right now and people are working two or three jobs. The least we could do is give them one day to enjoy their family, hug their children, and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade while putting the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving feast. We need to stop taking these employees for granted. Please reconsider opening these retail stores on Thanksgiving.

Andrda Ernsting, Bloomingdale

Don’t sell Fighting Irish short

They said Notre Dame football didn’t matter anymore. They said they’ll never be good again. They said ND football needs to join a conference. They said the ND model won’t work in today’s world. I guess my only question is; are we relevant now??? Go Irish!!! Beat USC!!!

Joe Golden, Norridge

Union shoots itself in foot

Just a couple of words about the union rep who said Hostess disrespected the workers. He did a great job. Now, does Hostess respect the thousands of workers the union forced them to let go? Our society has changed from a”‘what can I do” society to a “what can you do for me?” society.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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