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Health care for undocumented people

Updated: December 15, 2012 6:18AM

As Mark Brown discusses in his recent column, elected officials will likely soon consider a proposal that would allow undocumented immigrants the opportunity to earn their driver’s license. Brown outlines several arguments for allowing this population to receive state identification in the form of a license.

As the membership association for hospitals and health-care organizations in the greater Chicago region, the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council understands the challenges our members face in caring for undocumented individuals. Many of those who are undocumented provide false names and other misinformation to their health-care providers for fear of being deported. This misrepresentation makes it difficult for hospitals to manage these patients through the care continuum, hindering the efforts of health-care providers who are trying to provide comprehensive, integrated care. Providing undocumented individuals with an opportunity to receive formal state identification would help health-care providers monitor their patients, which could result in improved patient outcomes, reducing health-care costs for all.

With the election bringing a renewed emphasis to immigration reform, this issue is ripe for debate. We encourage our elected officials to engage in robust dialogue about this proposal and the impact it could have on communities throughout our state.

Kevin Scanlan, president/CEO,

Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council

Can’t compete with unfair China

I don’t see how Rev. Jesse Jackson can write a column on jobs without mentioning China even once. Their devalued currency is indirectly responsible for the massive nationwide employment we see today.

While your average Chinese blue-collar worker makes only $11.92 a day, the low cost of living allows him to maintain a lifestyle and support a family.

How the heck is America supposed to compete with that? When we can steal back manufacturing jobs from China, we’ll be on the road to recovery. A high-speed rail project would bring jobs to that sector, but only temporarily. Manufacturing is long-term securement.

Although I did not vote for Romney, due to his archaic stance on abortion and LGBT rights, he at least showed some chutzpa by calling China what it is: a currency manipulator. Will Obama have the guts to stand up to China? Will he have the guts to push the rest of the world to do the same?

Scott Sinclair, Gurnee

A vote for being poor

The people voted for the government that they think “cares,” but in reality they voted for a government that will make them poorer.

Germany, France and Italy have governments that “care,” but in those countries the real spendable household incomes after taxes are 40 percent less than that of the United States. Goods in Europe are priced 50 percent higher because of all the taxes. European restaurants have fewer customers because people have less spending money. Europeans are more nervous people because they have less control of their lives. I’m afraid that we have destined our children to a poorer existence.

Eugene Franklin Kalley, St. Charles

Wrong about ‘war on women’

I wish to correct a misconception expressed in your paper by one of your readers. The Republicans did not declare war on women. The Democrats declared war on women on behalf of the Republicans. Perception is now truth and facts mean very little.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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