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Vote ‘no’ on Illinois constitutional amendment

Updated: November 24, 2012 6:12AM

Vote ‘no’ on amendment

James Madison needed only 45 words to write the First Amendment to our Constitution. Its meaning is clear. I wonder how many voters have taken the time to read the text of Illinois Amendment 49 in its entirety.

At 700 words, its true meaning, clouded in a barrage of ambiguous legalese, is debatable. It is so lengthy and obtuse that it appears only as a summary on the ballot. So, we are expected to vote on language that is not only purposely indecipherable, but is also omitted from the ballot. Evidently, our lawmakers in Springfield expect us to just trust them, but the voters of Illinois have seen this movie before. Any ballot item not written in comprehensible and concise plain language deserves a “no” vote.

Sue Ellen Levins,

Lincoln Square

Misleading headline

I must take exception to the incorrect and misleading headline in Monday’s paper, “Berrios, White Traded Clout Hires.” The story points out that my office hired the nephew of County Assessor Joe Berrios, and that the son of my chief of staff was hired by the assessor’s office.

No conversations took place between me or anybody on my staff with any officials in the assessor’s office about hiring people.

The body of the story never alludes to trading jobs; both offices clearly explained how the hirings took place; and both employees seem to be doing quite well in their positions.

George Berrios was hired to fill a customer service job, a position for which he was well qualified.

I am very proud of the job we have done in reforming the secretary of state’s office, and I believe that this was an unfair headline that did not reflect what was said in the story.

Jesse White,

Secretary of State

Berrios vs. 19th Ward

When Joseph Berrios took over as Cook County assessor, you never heard that it was loaded with patronage jobs from the powerful 19th Ward.

I wish I had a list of the people Berrios fired from the 19th Ward. I guarantee you most of them have political jobs by now.

The only reason Berrios is getting heat is because he messed with the 19th Ward.

James Sutera,

West Town

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