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Sox had a great season

A faithful Sox fan holds sign during Chicago White Sox 6-2 loss TampBay Rays Sunday September 30 2012 US Cellular

A faithful Sox fan holds a sign during the Chicago White Sox 6-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays Sunday September 30, 2012 at US Cellular Field. | Tom Cruze~Sun-Times

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Updated: November 4, 2012 6:16AM

I want to shout out to our White Sox. No one thought they’d be in the fight all season, and what a great season it was. With a first-time manager and several new and young players, they played their hearts out, but just came up a little short. I’m very proud of each and every one of our White Sox. You can hold your heads high and know your fans are proud to call you our team. Go, Sox.

Lynn Hayden, Lake Villa

Time for some gonna control

Whenya gonna stop Fran Spielman frum usin “gonna” in her reports insteada “going to.” I dunno of Mare Emanyule actuly sez “gonna,” but ya cant literly quote fokes that way. I love Miz Spielman’s articles and believe sheza very perceptive ’porter. I don’t care of Mare Emanyule said “we’re gonna work together.” Wontcha pleze give him (and others) the benefit of bein quoted in proper langwidge?

Richard F. Friedman, Lincoln Square

Insulting Medicaid ‘reform’

Gov. Pat Quinn and state legislators created an excuse for canceling Medicaid dental coverage by redefining dental coverage as “optional” for the indigent, while continuing to define it as “necessary” or “essential” for themselves. They then added insult to injury by defining this as “smart” Medicaid reform, and bragging about their unprecedented agreement with reactionary Republicans who have always wanted to eliminate Medicaid.

The result is a sadistic dental plan that emphasizes the importance of dental health to general health and then tells indigent voters their Medicaid dental coverage is limited to emergency extractions. Such stupid Medicaid reform is reason enough not to vote for politicians who favor it, and to replace them with legislators and executives who put some teeth in Medicaid dental coverage by recognizing that dental care is as essential for the poor as for the rich.

What is really optional is contributions to political parties. When politicians start acting that way, voters should stop contributing money to their political parties, and put the money to better use for their own health care, as politicians do.

Kenneth J. Epstein, Edgewater

A frightening disease

Most people think breast cancer awareness month starts and ends in October. But for the thousands of people like me who are living with metastatic breast cancer, every month is breast cancer awareness month.

If there’s one thing I wish people knew about my metastatic breast cancer experience, it’s how frightening it is to realize that my life will most likely be cut short because of this disease. No amount of treatment can make it go away — there is no cure. As hard as my original diagnosis in 2009 was, it does not compare to how devastating my stage IV diagnosis was for my family and me this past July — our lives are forever changed.

In October 2009, the U.S. Senate and House voted to support the designation of Oct. 13 as a National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The point of those proclamations was to draw attention to the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community.

Oct. 13 isn’t about general breast cancer awareness, it’s about acknowledging the distinct needs of people who have the advanced, incurable form of breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer claims 40,000 lives annually in the United States. As one of 155,000 U.S. people living with metastatic breast cancer, I have a vested interest in educating people about this incurable disease and urging them to support research that helps people with advanced breast cancer live longer.

For more information, visit (Metastatic Breast Cancer Network).

Rebecca Del Galdo, Wheaton

Steinberg gets history wrong

I would like to respond to a column by Neil Steinberg on Monday titled “So where has Farrakhan led his Nation?” in which he not only deprecates Minister Louis Farrakhan but also uses the opportunity to disparage the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Where Steinberg states “that Garvey champion of the moldy idea that blacks aren’t part of America and can find success only by forming their own society, ideally back in Africa,” Steinberg fails to convey the reason why Garvey or any leader would take such a position. Steinberg fails to convey the racist climate of colonialism in Africa, where European powers had carved up African during the Berlin Conference 1884. He fails to address the oppressive, brutal, separate but surely not equal Jim Crow system in America. The horrors of lynching!

These are some of the reasons why the Great Marcus Mosiah Garvey advocated that we should do for self. When he visited Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela — America — all that he saw was black suffering! Contrary to Neil’s opinion, the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League was a huge success: from 2,000 members in 1917 to 6 million members by 1925, 900 branches all over the world, “The Negro World Newspaper 1918,” “The Black Star Line June 27, 1919,” The Negro Factories Company,” assorted businesses, hotels, schools of higher learning, etc.

Read the real history for yourselves!

Maceo Leon Thomas, Near South Side

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